Novak Djokovic vs Denis Shapovalov | Semi-Final Highlights | Wimbledon 2021

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All the key action from Centre Court, where Novak Djokovic faced Denis Shapovalov for a place in the final at The Championships 2021…

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scout says:

Novak is just so intelligent. And it's cool to see the serve and volley. I think his serves have gotten much stronger.

John O'Neill says:

If Novak gets the calendar year grand slam (Golden or not) the GOAT debate is over. When he wins the match point in the final of the 2021 US Open the umpire will say, “Game, Set, Match, Championship, Grand Slam and GOAT debate Mr Djokovic!”

bcvbb hyui says:

Looks like a good match! Even though it was straight sets, Shapovalov did Canada proud. No shame in losing to the best player in the world.

Rafael says:

Djokovic played badly in this match, and still won. Tbh, I didn't like Djokovic's grinding approach this tournament, especially since his offensive game is so good when he goes for his shots.

hendrasdrtube says:

Djokovic rarely make mistakes when he is about to win the match

viiont eooiy says:

He silenced the despicable English crowd one more time

Lucia Bandoma says:

The best Novak Djokovic!!!!!

Martin Espinoza says:

The youngster appears to think that it's all about power strokes, and yelling. It'll work, I suppose, against lesser opponents, but not against the likes of Djokovic.

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