Nine Months of Pregnant Bellydancing

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I was filming this video during my whole period of pregnancy. Starting from the fourth month untill the last , composing all scenes into one dance at which my belly grows. The final part in the choreography was filmed with my new born child , about a month after i gave birth.
music: “Bent el amir” by Ahmed Adaweya


Rebecca Johnson says:

I’m amazed how this doesn’t affect the baby.

Julie Bickerton says:

Superb! How was your birth? It must have helped with the labour and
birthing process. Thanks for sharing

Anna Michelle says:

Amazing and beautify.

Delusion Dispeller says:

that is a GORGEOUS baby!

anellimm says:

B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! 

lalit bhushan says:

Nine Months of Pregnant Bellydancing:

Maayan Aviram says:

What a sweetie :) Beautiful clip!

stan welling says:

Her belly button remained an innie nearly to the end, that’s nice

xiaanalisaxiong says:

how cute

misslilo86 says:

very mature! Bravo! lol smh

rosay84 says:

I love how your energy level seems to increase as the months go on.

hazeleyezluv says:

Ohhhhhhh lol. I see. My mistake

msiders1979 says:

Great Idea thanks for sharing your journey! You are a beautiful dancer.

xxDeadlyDECAYxx says:

How can someone with a huge distended stomach dance so perfectly?

LemonScissors says:

This was the BEST thing i could watch before going to sleep. Such beauty…
You look gorgeous, lady. The joyfull way you celebrate your body, your
happiness, and dance with your babies is just lovely and admiring. I think
every mom should do this. 😀 Lovely!

lalitatina108 says:

Wow!!! thank you soooo much for sharing this. Touching and very graceful
dancing. I’m also a bellydancer and I just did a pregnancy test who say
positive!!! alone at home…I will annonce that to the newly father who
come back tomorow. He is awaiting this for a long time. thanks for the

carlenaify says:

superbe !

leadfoot driver says:

the more pregnant you get. the more beautiful you become hon.

LaRock3ra says:

this video is amazing! <3

DecayingDanni says:

@ Hermione Catherine, if you would watch the whole video till the end she
gets bigger. There is no need to be so mean.

Gabriel Moon says:

A beautiful piece!

masreya0 says:

it looks strange wih that pregnant stomach…

kalai131 says:

aww your pregnant belly looks so beautiful and cute, if i saw you in person
i would give your pregnant belly a kiss for good luck.

kelly baby says:

Amazing video <3

Rodrigo Luna Herrada says:

Me fascina observar este video, nunca habia visto un mujer embarazada
bailando con seduccion, a los ojos de mi alma se contonea como un copito de
nube seducciendo con ternura al coqueto cielo azul, bajo un atardecer
calido y tierno en la sabana de bogotá,quedo anonadado pues esa hermosura
la comparo con una gotita de lagrima que deja caer cielo dando como señal
la nueva vida que viene en camino tras esa pancita templada de amor. que me
hace sentir 100entos de maripositas lindas en mi pancita.

oji4sama says:

يا ولد الكلاب حتى الرقص سرقتوه

Moonweaver says:

Never tire of this beauty! I first watched this not long after having my
last baby and always wanted to have a go as it is such a beautifully
brilliant idea! My chance has now arrived and I pray all goes well. I enjoy
belly dancing so much. Thank you! Bless you Ilil xXx

Sherry Dimple says:

Beautiful!!! and so cute at the end. Hooray!

stan welling says:


mrtabassum2002 says:


Noelle Love says:

So beautiful! Thank you.

Silvana Ceron says:

Thanks for sharing this video! I think it’s one of the most beautiful I’ve
ever seen!

Warda Abdulsamed says:

Thanx for sharing. I wanted to see other pregnant women belly dance. Very
beautiful and inspiring!

bebetigre12 says:

Nice facial expressions,I see u did not have to increase hipband size.

alexander süss says:

WOW sexy danc

NoaLives79 says:

באמת מקסים ושובה לב. צפיתי פעמיים, כי לקח לי רגע לשים לב מה קורה פה….

Pufetta20 says:

cute baby ^^

basscoverage says:


loove2shop says:

this is not real bellydancing! I’m sorry but u can’t dance..

bleh blah says:

that belly O.O

meli024 says:


دكتور فيروس says:

beautiful body and beautiful dancing i like it

tayachi ahmed says:

it is so kind and manific video that you are dancing on adawia , i love it
so much and you have a very wonderfull body

jana3288 says:

aw so sweet! and very clever! and how lucky you are to have smooth skin all
through your pregnancy!

jahenders says:


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