Nice Guys

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Two losers take a “how to pick up girls” class and realize that Nice Guys finish last which results in the ultimate douches.

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Cathy Nguyen

Kina Grannis

Andy Lange recorded and produced the music. See how he did it in his “Making the Music” video here:
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Paul Nguyen says:

I miss Kev :(

Andrew Davis says:

honestly i started becoming a douche to girls, because when i was 15 i asked this girl out (we had been talking for a couple years) and she rejected me and told me "sorry i couldn't see us together, you're just too nice" and i sat there for a few days thinking wtf how can someone be "too nice" and so that's when i became a douche, and hey it's worked out!

Cameron Rudolph says:

Was that Steve-O?

nailah santana says:

Anybody notice the girl in the back

nailah santana says:

its 2016 and im still listening to this song

Griffin Dale says:

How Ryan throws his hat at 2:18 XD

Griffin Dale says:

How Ryan throws his hat at 2:18

MrBabooNZ says:

1911 copyright?

Ryan Smith says:

hell yeah

Sandip Uzumaki says:

i was 12 when this came out. . .time flies so fast. idk if its good or bad but this was the golden age of youtube.

Lukiz Studios says:


Ella xox says:

This is really good! As they say dont judge a book by its cover :)

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