Newborn Care: How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby

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Newborn Care: How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby

Are you a new parent wondering what life will be like with your newborn? Discover how quickly instincts kick in and simple steps you can take to remain healthy, positive and constructively begin your bonding journey.


Dacie Van Dyke says:

I am so excited to become a mother.

Canine Hunter the TRUE Savage says:

If you honestly came to watch the video then you need to not have a baby and keep up with your starbucks selfie life but if you are pregnant…give the baby up for adoption cause some people cant have babies and would probably enjoy having more than you would

Tabtim Rajana says:
Let 's fun with mini Baby Girl Today on your Chat.

Fox News Viewer says:

15 years old and my girl is about to have our daughter. SO NERVOUS

Starr Banuelos says:

26 weeks and due September 26th! I'm already soo anxious to meet my daughter. :)

Maya TheLovely says:

I'm 40weeks and 4 days pregnant….. Grrrrrrr I can't take this waiting game anymore :(

Jean Petit says:

No affence but why would u put ur baby on utube that's not safe

Ashyn Brown says:

Ashyn36 gnj any review them GBG last night I am sorry to the he's years hand and the new York

Anu Mitra says:

oh I just loved this video. It just made me more eager to meet my baby. I am 31 weeks now. I know there's not much time left for my face to face interaction with my lil one. But this video made me more impatient. I loved it. :)

BlueRose Wishers says:

the babies are held uncomfortably looks like..

stacey thrift says:

due with a little boy march 13th 2015 and I will be 24 by then as well, weird to think that's I watched all these vids like one born act and its going to be happening to me sooo :O

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