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I’ve been planning this video for quite a while, as when I was pregnant I found myself trawling through You Tube videos for advice on what new Mum’s found helpful after having a new baby. Things that helped make the transition into motherhood slightly easier for both Mummy and baby.

I really hope you enjoy this video, let me know what products you found most helpful as a new Mum in the comments below!

Love Kate

Products mentioned:

lights by TENA: (click to get a free sample pack)

Angel Care Movement & Sound Monitor:

Tomme Tippee Perfect Prep Machine:
(please not, I say to put in 6 scoops of formula, obviously this is because I’m making a 6 oz bottle so the amount of formula should be adjusted depending on the size of the bottle you’re making up)

Sanctuary Mum To Be Firming Cream:

Teething Powders/Granules:
Ashton and Parsons Teething Powders:
Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules:

Gro Egg Room Thermometer:

Aden & Anais Jungle Jam Swaddle Blankets:

White Noise (You Tube) or there are white noise apps available
Baby Centre
My Baby Beat

This video is very kindly sponsored by lights by TENA. This is a product I genuinely used after having Archie, and am happy to recommend.





Anxious Obsession says:

I'm 15 and I've always told myself I didn't want children but I've been watching a lot of videos and definitely when I'm older I do want a child maybe when I'm 20-27

LucyXan says:

Too much chatter and less information more about you blabbering.

Madeleine Chu says:

She looks so much like Zoe

Anastasiya Hoefflinger says:

TENA pads are AMAZING, and so is BabyCenter. I dont have kids yet. But sometimes I get the baby-wants really bad so i spend like hours on there.

johanna ewada says:

Don't really on any kind of monitor with pads or what books say about SIDS only being an infant death as I was thought to believe my daughter died last year of SIDS she was 15 months old wish books would just say that babies over 12 months can still be at risk.

85nika says:

Thank you for this, I've just turned 14th week and this video is so helpful :) xx

Halima Begum says:

Loved this video !!!! ❤️

Michelle Bevan says:

Anyone who is pregnant should also check out Emma's Dairy :) It gives you discounts off a lot of baby products!

Helen says:

The Angelcare monitor doesn't have a video of the baby, did you feel this unnecessary? Also, when did you start buying baby things when pregnant!?

nicole clarke says:

love this video! im currently 27 weeks pregnant and use these apps. however i will say, the heart beat app should be used now and again, as using it too often isnt great! the mobile waves next to your baby arnt ideal! x x x x

danyell robson says:

Omg that Angel sensor is terrifying. Has it actually ever went off or anything? It's such a good idea but just sounds awful and scary!!

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