New Mom Belly – 30 Min Home Workout To Get Slim

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We’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries for this particular kind of workout! Post-pregnancy belly is very common in new moms and I know a lot of you want to become fit again!

This is a 30-min belly fat workout for new moms to burn the stubborn belly fat that resulted from pregnancy. You may find this workout challenging so doing this 3-4x a week is just perfect!

Good luck and make sure to consult with your doctor first before you perform this workout or any heavy physical activity. Good luck and have fun!❤️💪


Makeup Make over says:

Roberta please do a video for prenatal exercise for pregnant woman

Pooja Prasad says:

Please upload some exercises for Diastasis of recti post delivery.

Alexi Clara says:

Last year i delivered a baby .shall i start this exercises,? please reply.

Apple Blossom says:

Hi i started it after 1 year of c-section. Will it be helpful doing it now?
How long it will take to get in shape

Queen ayesha says:

Are you indian

Nafisa Khatoon says:

I lost 18 kg last 5 months but my tummy is reduce only 2 inch pls suggest me what cn I do

Amina Raikha says:

Thanku am searching ths video

Thamjitha Kulangara Poyil says:

After normal delivery, when we can start doing this exercise..?

shalini nagarajan says:

So post pregnancy belly after 5 years of pregnancy can't be reduced using this workout?

Aradhya Arohi says:

I had a 3 years before delivery now can i use this

rammunyte says:

Thank you for these exercises. I’m all sweating.

Benija Antony says:

I'm the mother of a 3 month old baby .who can do this

Benija Antony says:

Hu sir, Sir when do this exercise .do it in the evening

Benija Antony says:

Very nice sir.

Ty’s World says:

Will be trying this

Ruti Patel says:

Hi Roberta I have two kids one is 7 and second is 1 years old. Still can I remove the stomach pouch with this exercises?
Can you please suggest me which exercise is good for me? My height is 5' 3
And weight is 66 kg

Neha Shaikh says:

Breastfeeding mother can do this exercise???? It wl nt affect on milk ????

samina baig says:

Is ths exercise good for those who are trying to conceive plz reply

Nila Runa says:

Is this work out, good for after c section delivery,. After c section delivery how many days later we can start this work out.??

Manisha Ahuja says:

This exercise is also for boys

Sanjay Sharma says:

Are you looking for a yoga class at your house in Delhi, Contact

saeede gholizade says:

it was great! but what about food? wich kind of food should we take after these exercises?

Joannie Mendes says:

I m 56 year old female with history of lower back pain n left leg pain due to siaticia can I do these exercises


This workout can recover the recti diastasis ?

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