Never Have I Ever with One Direction

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Lauren Mendes says:

Louis lied on the first question,
Hero – Sandra Hunter

Bulent Kirmaci says:


Brooke Forrest says:

Time to spend the next three hours watching one direction imagines

Mriganka Mukhopadhyay says:

Quite funny

Zayrylle Perrielle says:

5 years as a directioner!!( since 2014)

Victoria Petras says:

Wanted to know which tattoo Harry regrets :(

andrea turner says:

They are so adorable!

Anne Bishop says:

Nails Adorable❤️❤️

Mays Turabi says:

oh yeAAAH! -Harry Styles

ILoveCakes !! says:

Sorry dad

ILoveCakes !! says:

I think mines broken

ILoveCakes !! says:

+ someone wrote a song about niall

Valeria A says:

Louis was Harry's 1st fan rip

Rocio Aguilar says:

2:23 what did Louis say

Rocio Aguilar says:


Rovina Carrasquel says:

I love harry And when asked whether he had had sex with a fan I was silent and put pause the video and said in my head I know what the answer is yes I love harry styles

Nikora Mcdonald says:


Nadja Thomas says:

you should have Yolonda on your show she bakes really good cakes into to things you never imagined a cake could turn into

Nisse Lopez says:

" Oh , stop" jajajaja awww

JustRandomFangirl ••• says:

One Erection

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