Natural Home Birth

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Sandra Mccoy says:

I want you to scream louder but this one is cool

Stuffmuffin40 says:

I guess there’s no shame in that mother at all didn’t know if she wanted kids there or not

bmha fan says:

Why are there child watching!!

Simay Efe says:

Allah analı babalı büyütsün

Jafar Jafri says:

Congratulates beautiful family I pray u always be happy ,

Jenni bee says:

Wow. Absolutely amazing mama, well done your an inspiration to me. And what an incredibly supportive and magical midwife you had! ❤

Lalala says:

Okay I guess I can’t say finger “ing”. I just want to know why it’s necessary for the woman to have her hand inside the whole time and why the dad takes a dip as well. I don’t understand this AT ALL. And then everyone touching the head. Is no one worried about being sanitary?? This is blowing my freaking mind.

Tom Lako says:

Y are the kids in the room?

Gada Salah says:

هههههههههههههههههههههههههه شوفو الشعر ههههههههههههههههههههههه

Иришка says:

А зачем детям то на это смотреть?

Mia Sitepu says:


Holly lehmberg says:

Also may I say the chair idea is awsome

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