Natural Birth Control with Lady Comp (NEW and OLD Models)

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Looking for a safe and effective natural birth control method? Lady Comp might be right for you!

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Disclaimer: The information presented in this video is meant to be used for general information purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for medical advice from a health care professional.


Paulina Cardenas says:

Hello did your friend have any issues with the alarm for the new generation lady comp? I set my alarm prior to taking my temperature but my alarm didn't go off. Thank you very informative video by the way thank you 

Divine Vessel says:

Knowing that these gadgets are super expensive..BUT definitely worth it. I am looking to purchasing a used one online. Now my question is: is there a reset button or option that one can use to bring device to factory setting?

Sibonginkosi Sibanda says:

For how many years can you use it are you supposed to renew it or..

Sibonginkosi Sibanda says:

I need your help male sperms survive for five days ryt so what if a day before ovulation it was green and you now had sex and the following day you find out that you are now ovulating are there no chances of getting pregnant ..i mean how effective is this ..i need your help

ToopidPonay says:

When you say "unprotected" sex, do you mean that it's okay for the guy to ejaculate inside you?

Brittany Verner says:

Thank you soooo much for this video! It answered questions I still had after reading the info on the website! Definitely going to get this!

Sasset Gingerelli says:

That's expensive. Yikes!

Laura González says:

What about pearly?

Lindsay C says:

so it doesnt stop ur periods. rats

Lindsay C says:

why would that be tmi…………….. smh.

Mélodie Lavigne says:

Hello Sarah, I've just bought the Lady Comp but I have two questions for you. Do I need to take my temperature at the same exact time every morning? I wake up at 6h30am all week days and at 10am on the weekend. Finally,  how many time does it take to get your first green at the beginning?

Thank a lot.

slevinlindsay says:

Is the ladycomp still accurate even though I might not always get my period on the same date each month? 

Julie L says:

so basically in the long run if youre someone not comfortable having sex on your period, this method only allows you to have "normal" green light sex 1 week a month?

PRC Pree says:

Are there cheaper monitors available that are just as good?

Truc Nguyen says:

Excuse the ignorance, (still a little paranoid) —  so when you have a green day, your partner can actually finish in you?

Paulina Vanishek says:

so if you have a green light and you're not using condoms can my bf "end" inside of me? 

Kissy Nicole says:

This is such a helpful and informative video! I might switch from the mini pill to this and condoms. I've had a few yucky side effects with combination pills and now the mini pill :/ Thanks for the info!! :D

thalia thalia says:

or what if you sleep a night at a friends house and you forgot the lady comp?

thalia thalia says:

What about when you are a night out and you come home very late like 5 a clock, what do you do? and for example you have your alarm at 6 a clock… you still measure your temperature? 

Jessica Murphy says:

Sarah thank you for your response! Since I don't have sex on my period (I find it really messy) that basically means that I'd be using condoms for majority of the month anyway :/ so there would only really be one week of a month where I don't use condoms.. Which is a little off putting.. I currently have the implanon and I hate it so much I want it out! And I'm going to get the copper IUD while my period comes back and re regulates
Once my period re regulated I wanted to turn to the lady comp but it sounds like I'll be using mainly condoms which is what I'm wanting to avoid 

Jessica Murphy says:

hey! :) so i saw that someone who has had it for 8 months on average gets 15 green lights per month, since you have had it for 2 years I'm wondering if you get more green lights than that per month? and if so how many green on average do you get per month? thankyou :) and i would appreciate it SO SO MUCH if you could reply because i am heavily considering the lady comp and want as much info as i can get!!

Chloe Kate says:

so basically the days you can have sex are the days that you're on your period? that's what it looked like on the digital calendar. 

Martha Kambo says:

Yes I do and thanks

Martha Kambo says:

What about if I don't know my date of birth for some reason?

Laure Doucet says:

hello Sarah , i just buy it , and i just off my control birth pill only 1 day now , i was wondering if the lady-comp will  be okay with my temperature or i need to wait until some fews weeks to get my regular period ?
and i just got the new version,  when the alarm come in the morning , i just press the middle of the button too ? and than take my temperature ?
i just open it today , i put the date , everything , but i didn t for  my temperature because it s not working , i m thinking i need to wait until tomorrow to do it , right ?
thank you so much for you video and information , i love it , and i m ready to try :)

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