My Pregnancy Morning Routine | Diana Saldana

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Hey Guys! Today I wanted to share with you my REAL everyday morning routine being pregnant. Including my healthy smoothie recipe, breakfast, Hair, makeup and casual outfit idea. Let me know if you’d like to see more pregnancy videos.

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Nana’s Nail Desk says:

Yes my fiance is the same way! He will wait till like 2 or 3 to have his first meal.

Sunnyraysandsunshine says:

Does anyone know where her bed is from? I love it

Rose Smith says:

I always laugh seeing pregnant women wake up so peacefully and dress cute bc it only lasts while you’re pregnant and then baby comes and it’s hello sleepless nights, no time for anything, and especially no time for hair, makeup, and cute outfits the fun part really is being pregnant LOL

Heart Breathings says:

You look so amazing!

Kyra brianna says:

You’re so pretty you could literally recommend anything and i’ll buy it

Krystal De Mejia says:

What is the curling iron called, where did you get it?!

Tanzina Manzur says:

Which shade of MAC lipstick did you used?

Bobbie Garza says:

What is the cc cream you used?

Breanna Aivazian says:

Does anyone know what curling wand she used? :)

Susana Cervantes says:

What was the lip color?

Azucena Guerrero says:

Clothing look book

Maribel Baez says:

Hey diana where are your leggings from ?

JRS Family says:

I'm currently pregnant, I get nauseous alot and it's not fun. Pregnancy is full on and you don't realise until you're in that situation. Some days I just don't even want to get out of bed

Nylee Chung says:

Your gonna be such a hot mom! Love the camo jacket! Where’s it from?

Swathi R says:

OMG do not eat papaya!!! It is a huge no for pregnant women to eat!!!

Melissa Aquino says:

You are glowing!!!! Best wishes to you and your little family and may God bless you always.

Lillian Ramirez says:

your face looks so swollen! pregnancy status

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