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Soooo I had TOTAL pregnancy brain when editing this video. I switched two clips so it looks like I put on my pajamas when I had makeup on haha Oops!:P

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Wearing this dress in the beginning of the video:

So I’ve been requested this type of pregnancy video a ton so I created my pregnancy evening routine at 24 weeks pregnant! It’s not too different other than the fact that I’m not running around doing different things like I usually do, but I wanted to include an updated skincare part and what Doug and I typically do at night time (although I’m sure you already know if you watch my vlogs). Hope you enjoy and let me know if you want to see a pregnancy pamper routine next!:)

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Oil Cleansing Method:



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Coconut Oil:

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Fatima Saleem says:

so realistic ❤❤❤

Adrien Castejon says:

I’m not pregnant lol

Honey Bee says:


Madison Steward says:

you guys make a really cute couple

Elok Dewi says:

first child, the couple still looks loving each other, try how is it going when they had the second child, or even the third child.. lets see how the hubby done.. lol..

TorrMckk says:

So glad I stumbled across this video! I'm just over 6weeks pregnant & it's been weird… my thyroid levels are low so something like eating an apple is exhausting & water makes me nauseous… crappy comfort foods sit well on my tummy but it's not good for baby. I feel like I'm struggling a little with what I'm "suppose to be doing" or how I'm "suppose to be feeling". I'm so glad you were honest about your experience, makes me feel better about how I'm feeling!

Jessica O'Rourke says:

Really curious as to what kind of camera you use? :)

WhatsUpDebbie says:

Hayley how long have you been doing oil cleansing? Your skin is amazing btw!

유나Yomnă says:

this was literally so cute and inspiring. .

niy davis says:

yall are an adorable couple.

Charlotte Qualtrough says:

can anyone tell me where that dress is from!?

Holly S says:

The very first video I ever watched and I was hooked! ❤️❤️❤️

Bailey says:

She took her makeup off, got into her pajamas, and then had a full face of makeup on? I'm confused! Lol

Angelica Olson says:

I am the exact same way with water ! Before I got prego I would literally drink so much water without thinking. Now I have to remind myself lol

Brittany Guerin says:

Wow I feel the same way about stretch marks, I'm 25 weeks pregnant. I'm just like ehh, if I get them it's life… I'm about to give birth to a human being – stretch marks are the least of my worries lol

BeeHAPPy216 says:

It won't let me add you on snap! anyone have any idea why not? Also, I love all your pregnancy videos!! I commented quite awhile ago on your wedding video because you got married a little before me and now we just found out last week that we are expecting! So I'm really loving these videos. They are super helpful and we have the same book too!!!

dixicarolina says:

An advice i would moisturizing hips, thighs and butt i ended up getting stretch marks on my thighs crazy i know lol

paytin Jailin says:

am i the only one who thought she said bitched watched instead of binged watched

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