My Pregnancy Diary: 36 Weeks [9 months] Pregnant + Belly Shot

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We’re here 9th month…such a blessing! :-)

This week I discuss symptoms, second baby shower (courtesy of hubby’s job), and mainly my doctor’s appointment.

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farab0verubiez says:

@umrvballgurl I was very pleased and appreciative of the baby shower. I
can’t wait to show the pics! You’re welcome, I hope that they help. I’m
praying that my placenta just falls out and I can’t imagine someone
reaching inside me for it. :-/ I had an ultrasound at 35 weeks and she’s
head down. :-)

farab0verubiez says:

@PassionDancer44 Well, being test for group b strep is just a swab of the
lower portion of your vagina and rectum and like I said it’s super quick
and didn’t hurt.

umrvballgurl says:

How sweet that your husband’s work put on a baby shower for you!! I can’t
wait to see your maternity pics! Thanks for the tips on the birth plan; I
am going over mine next week at the doctor. They reach their hand in and
grab the placenta!?!?!?!?? Did they not do an ultrasound for you this week
to check if she is head down? Your little one looks like she is dropping :).

psing22003 says:

Your doctor sounds like mine trying to schedule an induction already, lol.
I woldn’t let her schedule mine either. But, I guess we do need to keep in
mind that they hae been in the delivery business for years and they do know
what they are doing……so we hope. That’s so nice that your hubby’s
company had a baby shower for you all….schweet!

farab0verubiez says:

@louloumatou Hmm…I didn’t know they had a urine one. Glad to hear that it
came back good. Hopefully, I’ll have a much shorter labor and won’t need
the vacuum. I know…I’m getting on up there!

farab0verubiez says:

@PassionDancer44 Usually around this time they check you for the group
strep b…it’s really not that bad and it’s super quick. Now getting
checked for dilation and effacement is another story! I hope all goes well
with your upcoming appointment!

Loulou Matou says:

congrats on 36 weeks!!! yaaayyy!!! nearly there! your hubby’s job people
are so lovely!! i had my strep B test too at 35 weeks, but a urine one, all
good! i had to have vacuum with Max, after 23 hours of labour, and he was
facing the wrong way and had a huge head!! hopefully you won’t have that.
You sound all ready hun! big belly!!! xxx

farab0verubiez says:

@psing22003 I know right…at least she was talking about it if I go beyond
my due date. If she suggested before I’d have to be like “hold up can I at
least get to my due date?”. And yes, I thought the shower was very nice and
thoughtful! :-)

farab0verubiez says:

@FaithBabyVlogs I know it was really nice. Well, it’s not really “in” that
area – just a quick swipe over both of the areas. It’s really not that bad.
It’s the getting checked part that isn’t comfortable. :-/

PassionDancer44 says:

What does that involve. Sounds painful

farab0verubiez says:

@PassionDancer44 (2) Getting checked requires the doctor to feel on your
cervix with their fingers.

PassionDancer44 says:

Oh no im nervous now. What do they do again? Ill be 35 weeks tomorrow. I
have an appointment on Monday

farab0verubiez says:

@qoreecheewa I can’t wait to show them…her photography style is a little
different from my hubby’s and the few that I’ve seen look amazing! I can’t
believe the 9th month is upon me…it goes by so quick!

PassionDancer44 says:

You still look happy and blessed.

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