MY POSTPARTUM BODY | Journey back to a flat stomach & small waist

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Hey loves, just sharing my postpartum body and journey back to a flat stomach after giving birth to twins.

I’ll add product details here soon, please let me nap first loool

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Love you & Thank You


Styles by Nancy says:

lol @1:00 cute

sabrina francis says:

Ok I see you waist train and your tummy is actually getting flatter but what I want to know is if most of saggy skin take its time andgetting firmer?@therosezara

Rockbeez Channel says:

I Will do This after my third childirth

Gigi Mosa says:

new subscriber… dont criticize me for sounding ignorant. i will find time to watch all of your vids from the start

Michaella M. says:

Hey girl hey!!! That was amazing!! Thank you for sharing. Motherhood and womanhood never ceases to amaze me. It's even crazier when it's your sisterfriend that you know.<3
Also you're all type of goals! <3 <3

Daniela Fahariddine says:

why you put the tittle in french but you speek in english?

Jacqueline Pean says:

Product details please :)

Queen La T says:

Hey Zara… I'm glad you did this video because you don't normally see this on YouTube.. when I see women and they had children, it makes me think wear that belly like a proud mother… it's a beautiful thing because some women can't have children or never had the opportunity…

Gloxy P says:

What did you use during your pregnancy to moisturize your belly?

Ashley Adams says:

Thanks for sharing love your doing great.Did you breastfeed it helps with losing baby weight too

kika bob says:

euh… le titre est en français mais pas le contenu ?

MiaUnlimited says:

Kudos to you Zara!

DeeVintage says:

Hey doll I have two kids , my son will be 14 this year and my daughter will be 9 , I had my son when I was 21 so after having him I snapped back like I had no kid I kid u not , but after having my daughter 5 years later I gain right after giving birth I went from being 120 pound before her to my heaviest 165 I did everything u can think of and I had c-sections for both btw it was after I stopped trying that it just started going , so but a couple of years like 2 , I started on fittea which meant I had to give up sugar which was my main weakness, also gave up sodas and just started eating greens and so I now weigh 130 which was always my go when I was 120 I always wanted to be 130 cuz I had no hips and all , I wanted to share with u just to let u know that u are not alone and it just takes had work and consistency to make it happen , and I believe in you .love u .

Nina Harris says:

I'm a mother of 2 children and I commend you 4 for making this making this video. Nowadays on TV, YouTube ,media everywhere you go women are snapping back in such a fast manner and some time very unrealistic. I think it's really good for women. Just to know that is not always reality and they should not be pressuring themselves to unrealistic goals because of what Society wants. Every woman after they bring life into the world should feel like the most beautiful goddess ever because you are bringing a new life that is amazing. The body is an amazing thing, us women are very amazing creatures. I really wish there was more people that were honest with themselves to give other women hope, courage and strength just to say I am good enough.I am perfect the way that I am. It is great to be healthy but never try to feel like you have to be somebody else or set unrealistic goals for yourself. Good luck on your journey I wish you the best you look great you are amazing.

kimmy gial says:

Thank you for sharing this video hey <3

Most people never really post such videos. I'm not pregnant or have any kids just yet but its nice to see how things could turn out once I have kids you know, cause most women don't snapback that fast hey!!

And thats kinder normal hey!


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