My kicking 13 week pregnancy belly.

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Casara Wilson says:

I’m pregnant with my 4th baby now & it was around 12 weeks I felt kicks. I
know it wasn’t gas because with this baby I have lots of gas pains & that’s
more in my upper middle part of my abdominal. These little flutters were in
my lower abdominal where the baby’s at. My doctor said it’s to early too.
But I know what I felt. 

Angelis Cornelio says:

Ok I though I was going crazy I have two kids but don’t remember feeling
any kicks until I was about 5 months or maybe 4 I’m 13 weeks now is been
7yrs since I haven’t had a baby and I’m so exiceted I felt my baby kicks at
12 weeks… Love this video

Feleta Green says:

OMG I KNEW IBWASNT CRAZY. The night begore i turned 12 weeks. I felt
thispop. I was like gas my friend was like u sure cus i even felt that.
This vidro ROCKS

Kimberley Lampi says:

Don’t worry ladies if your feeling anything. He is a strong baby. Holding
his head a birth and walking at 8 months. I had allot of water and what you
see is him moving the amnio around not his limbs hitting the uterus yet.
:). My daughter I didn’t feel her till 16 weeks and outside not till 19

Najava moss says:

What people have to realize is that every women is different and every baby
has different measurements. I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant today with my
second baby and the first movement I noticed was at around 12 weeks. The
movement was way different then gas bubbles but when I was pregnant with my
daughter I didn’t feel her move until about 16 weeks. Doctors say that most
women will feel the baby move sooner with their second pregnancy mainly
because you already know how the movements feel and ladies your body type
makes a difference also.

Msnaz2you says:

oh wow thats amazing so im not mad. i could feel the baby move from 11
weeks. up to now 13 weeks. iknow gas from movements. but my dr. said it was
way to early. but i saw those kicks. amazing

Angela Ryan says:

Oh my gosh <3 <3… this brought a huge smile on my face. I love this
video.. adorable. 

Melissa Cagle says:

That’s cool, I’m 12 weeks 5 days with my 3rd and I feel movement when I lay
down, but can’t feel or see it from the outside yet.

Sarah James says:

Wow how amazing . I’m 15 weeks pregnant with my first and I’ve been feeling
what I can only describe as little pokes and a rolling tennis ball . Can’t
wait to feel a proper kick and feel it . This is awesome

An GaMa says:

LOVED this video!! I’m 13 weeks pregnant with my second baby, kicks aren’t
visible like that but you can feel them clearly when you put your hand :)
And in first pregnancy I started feeling my baby moving actually tickeling
me at 13 weeks and my doctor didnt believe till I proved her on ultrasound
that with closed eyes I can exactly point where is my baby moving 😀
Anyway, great great great feeling <3 

natalia ramos says:

Awwwwwww how amazing!!!!!!!! I’m 13 weeks and 3 days and nothing :-( lazy
baby hahaha I’m hoping to feel kicks soon! Great video!

Dondiva_5Deep says:

Wow!! People think your crazy until you have proof… I had a doctor tell
me I couldn’t feel it either until I was having an ultrasound and the baby
kicked at 12-13 weeks (#3baby) I asked what was that & the tech replied
could u feel that and I said Yes… its possible to start feeling movements
as early as 12 weeks… I’m 16now and baby moves all day long it seems…

alextaylor176 says:

Wow. Im 13 weeks and can feel very faint flutters. Im carrying very high
and thatsbwhy i can feel them. But that is one strong bean you have.

Kimberly Berrien says:

How would it be bullshit anyway? You can clearly see the baby kicking in
the video. It’s not like you can make yourself do that.

Kimberley Lampi says:

@blibjorb, no this is NOT BS, I had my husband, myself and my doctor feel
the baby kicking on the outside already :). The uterus is out of the pelvis
at 6 weeks. Get your facts straight before you comment on stuff you know
nothing about.

Heaven Williams says:

Yep those are definitely kicks , I don’t believe she is doing this on her

demetruia18 says:

Well I’m glad you put this up I’m pregnant with my second and I’m 13 weeks
and the doctor told me there is no way I could feel my baby but I swere up
an down they I am

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