My fitness journey

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Diana Salas says:

beautiful transformation…very inspiring. much LOVE

magnetic teez says:

Good job!

Rosemary Luna says:

Need some help!! and advice at the same time i had my baby a year from today but the problam is i weighed 250 and lost 20 lbs in 2months but cant lose more . were do i start .

Mari Hen says:

great job congratulations

Lignano Beach says:

Good job, respect !

Lucie Hejna says:

wow, u are awesome :)

Cris B says:

What did you use and are you using now to avoid strechmarks? Congrats on your new one on the way :*

Yvonne Rodriguez says:

Loved the video, so inspiring <3

golong son says:

Ugly baby turned into a good looking baby.

Cynthia Lopresti says:

OMG you are amazing….. congratulations….. what was and is your workout plan and routine.. Please post for all of us

I Am Free says:

love it!! what an inspiration! I am going to get my body back soon! thanks for the motivation

Molly Grace says:

thank you so much for posting this video. i have been trying for months to get fit and healthy and i can never motivate myself and i believe that you have inspired me. i will get the body I've always wanted, i will.

Phonthip Chuenrueang says:

I like you.

goth me cooper says:

How many hours a day do you exercise??

Giraf 1323 says:

וואווו מדהים

Sandra Jefferson says:

Wow you are literally GOALS! No more excuses! you look amazing and your little boy is so adorable. Will definitely follow you on instragram :)

Vivi Comán says:

Omg your amazing You are an example to follow a pride of woman :D

Tania Mendoza says:

amazing !! thank you for the inspiration ❤

J's Journey says:

This video completely inspired me!!

Matouš McPazout says:

You are lookin` so fucking sexy now

MissFitNVA says:

Hey!! Check out my YouTube channel! Looking to inspire as many people as I can to get fit. I love hearing about others fitness journeys, struggles and tips. #TheTimeIsNow

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