My body Before, During and After Pregnancy!

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Briza Camacho says:

I sing along to the intro every time, it's so catchy

shreya chakraborty says:

She sings so much like Ari!! Oh I fell in love with her vlogs!!!

Manda Miller says:

I've seen you say "tired and delusional" a lot. It's really "tired and delirious" … To be delusional is more of a mental issue, nothing to do with lack of sleep.

Boo Henderson says:

Hey gurl

I just wanna say check out What's up moms
There a awesome channel. About mom hacks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kimberly Pineda says:

You were very skinny I wish I was like you

Isabel Gilchrist says:

If body is not gross it's naturally beautiful

Julia Wannonam says:

Legit family goals #familygoals

Alicia Mejia says:

When are you going to do Miranda video

Gillings Productions says:

You are beautiful and so amazing and I am so proud of you, even for just going down stairs 😉

Kris Mc Intyre says:

I gave my mom a 3rd degree rip.

Jessica Ilges says:

Are you Miranda Sings!?

Kerine Huang -Kookielover says:

U will get skinner:)

Dan McMonigal says:

He is soooooooo cute

Akko The homie says:


R says:

Its not weird to show ur body its normal no one thinks it weird ur just insecure

Ella Lopez-Thomsen says:

When he gets his teeth or starts to you are going to need to get a teething ring so that your boob doesnt get murdered

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