My Body 1 Day After Birth! + 6 Week Postpartum Update

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Lome lome says:

Christina Good Job

Joshua Hartford says:

Lookin amazin

Kerry Alexander says:

How old are you?

Ann_ 0117 says:

My breast turned into just giant stretch marks during my pregnancy. I’ll be having him in 2 weeks and I AM READY

laoise farrell says:

Yes. Your a FAT. Whore!

Ambiance Gates says:

First you gotta know Kylie used surgery so you look heavenly lbs

Dang I’m sure don’t look like you had a baby

Clara Cardwell says:

Your stomach looks so good!

Lovedeep Nain says:

Why showing boobs girl

Nadine Campbell says:

My uterus contracts so badly

Queen of shadow says:

Lmao so cute and funny

Aquamarie says:

Your body is amazing!!!

ETHIKALmom says:

Here’s My postpartum body

brandi Clark says:

Okay wtf you look so good the day after. & you heal so fast it’s crazy

Mandy Watson says:

Oh my god, girl you are bLESSED, ok. I was 5'8 and only 120 lbs when I first got pregnant, but now I am almost at my due date and I weight 190 lbs. I just KNOW that I'm going to be a mess after I give birth because this is the biggest I've ever been in my life. My thighs have never even been able to touch before, let alone CHAFE like this!! My feet itch constantly because of how swollen they are and from having to support my new weight, and I think that I went up almost 10 pants sizes. I only WISH that I could snap back like you!!

Loved this video, though, and I hope you and your little girl are doing great! <3

lynsey smith says:

im 125 but i have small boobs and im skinny so how are u 109

الصقر اليماني says:


Ben Clouse says:

You’re not even overweight! You look really good lol. Most people don’t look this good at 6 weeks

Raja Taimur Raja Taimur says:

I have a talking u on call

Raja Taimur Raja Taimur says:

Hy Cristina

Selena Candelaria says:

Girl tell me why exactly everything you say I can relate to…

Elizabeth Estrada says:

great attitude! you are gorgeous and know with a precious win

Eleanor Björklund says:

Thanks for posting this video!! I've always been so curious what happens to your body after giving birth so this video honestly gave me some good information ❤️ This is the first video I've watched of yours, but I will definitely check out your channel now!

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