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Big shout out to the best husband ever for setting this up!! Thanks for watching, and be sure to tell everyone you know about our channel and share share share!

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Behind the scenes with ME CHELSEA x0 says:

Your friends are amazing ♥️

JJ says:

Awwww so sweet!

Rita Polk says:

Great friends are from God!

Re’Undria Gilbert says:

My favorite YouTuber ☺️❤️

Sherene Ramsay- Skinner says:

8 mins?????? Um ok …..I will let this pass lol lol…jk

Enjoyed the LITTLE vid!. U got my vote Tabb! U did well sir!! Greatttt friends indeed!!!!! Great husband. that is how it should be!

You have one friend that is just too posh lol (the long hair one)…. You tell her to say hello and she has to fix her hair LOL or she says a queen hello to the camera LOL. when the music was on she literally just faced to the camera and was just being posh again LOL. she needs to just be relax and have fun and wing it LOL. Feel like she just can't do it it's just too much for her!! Lol….
For your friend :(Jamaican patois) Relax mi friend. Gwan easy my girl. Top being posh an live gyal! Geezem peace lol lol

Anywho when is your due date again Hun? I'm getting excitedddddddddddddddd

Mzactingbarber says:

That was so sweet of Tabb and your friends to do that for you. When the doorbell rang he smile and I kind of knew it was a surprise. It is soooo hard to find true friends

Deloris Scruggs Lee says:

Aw! This was too cute!✨

Tantalizing Tyasha says:

Awww…Tabb is such a sweet husband!!! Ya best friends r REAL riders!!! So happy u got pampered & luved on…u deserve it!!!

victoria green says:

How sweet of your friends. Cant wait to see lil man

CocoHQ says:

They did a perfect belly cast. Tabb is a good husband. Love you guys and your videos.

Sherri' The Mrs. says:

A+ for Tabb!!!!!

Veronica b says:

Loved the vlog per usual!!! Awesome friends.

Anniscia Montanez says:

It’s always good when the besties come through, best feeling ever!!

Erin Woods says:

Yall have become my fav youtube family. Much love.

Tashanda Myers says:

That was so sweet of Tab and your friends YOU DEFINITELY DESERVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Tamar Hinnant says:

Yay first can I get a shoutout

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