Muzzled By Trump, The CDC Releases Watered Down Guidelines For Reopening

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The White House is doing everything it can to push a rapid reopening of the country, including recruiting pro-Trump doctors to go on television and undermine the already softened guidelines released by the CDC. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #Monologue

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Michael Marko says:

This is a great fucking show groove master!

Louise Janney says:

Steven we need you 6 days a week. Sorry but dude now step it up. Look at the wreckage

Silvia yumi says:

US first
Brazil second

Coincidence ??? Don't think so. Both bizarre

Jude Cowell says:

lol We already hear his thoughts. On Twitter.

lisa gibson says:

D.J.T. the biggest liar in American history.

lisa gibson says:

Time for him to go. When the president can't finish a word much less a sentence he needs to retire.

Steven Bailey says:

I think you might be an alcoholic Stephen!

Vincent Wolf says:

Why does all of Trump's advertisements have nothing to with his subjects. If there's a problem it's Obama's fault. Just listened to one that went right before this video advertising another stupid voting advertisement that sounded pretty ineffective. Recent advertisement now is Trump brings in money for farmer's while Trudeau creates debt vote for Trump. Isn't he going against Biden not Trudeau and as for the debt. you could name tons of things where Trump created debt including the shutdown on the wall and the tantrum that shut down the government and created far more debt because he wanted the wall so bad to place a massive debt that was considered a waste of money. Not only does his promotional campaign have nothing to do with the US election it wasn't truthful and hypocritical. Trump you costed the country billions of dollars in debt from food shortages to shut downs to medical. It's Obama's fault he's a criminal would be most likely the response to Trump's actions even if Obama had no part in any of the problems that got brought on because the only person who could of created the problem was Trump. He didn't give a damn about the majority of his actual voters and they're at risk of death atm because the majority of his voters were the elderly and now they're at risk of death because of the virus and reopening so his entire votes changed dramatically from 19 for the average elderly to -4 and most his other age groups in voting went down a little asides the age group I believe around 20 or 30 that might have went slightly up but not by much. Well lets go into the real possibility of the voting system of the last election. It was believed to be rigged by Russia and Trump was accused of working with Russia to do so. Trump went to the defense on that by firing and sending back Russian immigrants while when he was being accused of it he didn't fully deny it either. It's questionable why a president would send back immigrants in rigging those votes in his favor or why votes would ever be rigged in his favor from a group that doesn't have much reason to benefit from Trump being elected. also at the time. Could it actually have been because it really happened? Hey so every time I think of Trump and the people who defend him when they're extremely at risk of every major problem for the US including health care and food shortages all I can think is a massive Jonestones ceremony with Trump as the leader and standing in front of everyone going. Gives the nazi salute and everyone wearing white robes with a pointy hood. "Now we must all partake in the holy drink. Raise your cup of bleach everyone. We shall now cleanse you of all impurities. Blame Obama." The music from the Nier Automata game starts up. Become like Gods.btw just a joke Trump worshipers don't take it seriously and drink bleach. It's not good for you.

gixxer6000 says:

It is crazy to be able to say that: "Joe exotic would have been a nicer and more reasonable president than the one we have now"

ItsDiehard says:

Biden 2020!

13Gladius 2 says:

Dear imbecile, countless thousands of people have been taking hydroxychloroquine for decades for a number of maladies with little to no ill effects which if properly monitored can be minimized. Meanwhile 10's maybe hundreds of thousands have died and/or been severely affected by vaccines which you probably take yourself & reccomend to others. At least he has the balls to take something that could help save countless lives, while people like have have nothing to offer, you ball-less clueless fanatic

13Gladius 2 says:

The left has lost the lockdowns.
If face masks (aka the Marxist muzzle) work why is social distancing necessary? If social distancing works why are masks necessary?

kinn grimm says:

For how long does Trump now take Hydroxycloroquin ?
Seems to me nothing really changed, those sideeffects had been there before ^^

cue says:

how ridiculously stupid he is!

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