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Mr Popo says:

I’ma 16 year old guy..and this seriously mellowed me out 0.o

Soso Menard says:

My baby loves this song we’re enjoying the music together

Blanca Mantilla says:

i love this im 18 weeks pregnant with my first & this video just gave me

the name of the song is sleep song by secret garden

露 露 says:


Stephanie Butera says:

I’m only getting a small part of the song, is that happening to everyone? I
would love the full version?

uniqueimperfections1 says:

love love love!!

itsmeecari says:

My little ones moves alot to the beginning of the song :)

Becky Ibhaduwede says:

My baby girl move all night not letting me sleep while listing to this song
she just stop moving and was so still already 33weeks bless u all mothers
to be 

Courtney Jackson says:

Music was great my unborn actually stopped moving, im guessing he/she is
resting now lol

Infamouz Rydaah says:

Sounds like amitabh bachan

Bre Allen says:

I think it’s safe to say my baby loved this video! Can’t wait to find out
what you are in two days((: 21 weeks & exited! God Bless to all the other
mommies to be!

Karrissy Hyser says:

My son unfortunately doesn’t move to this..but i think he’s sleeping right
now lol almost 28 weeks, 12 more to go :)

dasaadz says:

babies are so beautiful, a gift from God, Allah swt, and a big evidence for
his existance

nyfham says:

what’s the title of the song? love it…

NeonStuff says:

look at that thing its got the a the eyelashes and everything

sunflowerpink44 says:

What is the song playing i loved it and so did my 29 week old soon to be
born son rohan

naomiharris299 says:

I like this and so does my baby 32 weeks

Richiezhang880 says:

What the heck?!

MrBacardi72 says:

omg.. this is sick. did you ever think that maybe this music is totally
annoying to an unborn child? It’s definitely unnatural.. And it will not
make your child “smarter”.. show me 1 single proof that it will please. At
best it will make your future child uncomfortable.

63Mattyboy says:

da fuck is dis shit

CGassien says:

10 seconds after this started, and he started talking; my son went crazy!

alegab gomez says:


Scblondie07 says:

My little girl hasn’t moved all day and I got worried so started trying to
find music to play for her and she hasn’t stopped moving sense! Thank u

joalie Ramirez says:

beautiful. ❤

dreamboy says:

Its too good. . Really nice

Mido Katouah says:

Sleepsong by Secret Garden :)



adriana sanzcagigas says:


MommyOfTwoX3 says:

this man is way to old to be anything less then a grandfather LOL

iloveToonLink101 says:

Not even pregnant, I just love the song xD

Belinda Higginson says:

Video is gorgeous

Sonia El says:

goosebumps thank you!

swtsacrifice says:

i was scared

Ekess Higgs says:

I really like this video. I love the beginning talking part. Baby always
bounces around when i play it for her.

Liz Lanza says:

just about 9 more weeks left to go


Love tis

lila873 says:

LOVE WHAT HE SAYS how beautiful

mared0403 says:

My little guy enjoys this video :) 25wks!

Jamar Theus says:

My son loves this he started to move all around in my belly

Liz Lanza says:

she started kicking as soon as this came on i love this music my self!!

tmbynum says:

I put this near my belly and my little girl went to moving around … Wow

Elisa grimshaw says:

My little girl loved this she wouldnt stop dancing around lol

Brianna Nicole says:

What is this song called?

HeatherRodgers says:

Beautiful song.

barrera196 says:

Played this 3 times next to my wife’s belly:) I’m so happy

carinaivola says:

oh my God… the music is nice but the video?? sorry to say, it’s

mandapanda1307 says:

What is the name of the song that played after the talking part?

Anna dani says:


bubunmoumita says:

its awesome

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