Mum’s Obsession Of Daughter Looking ‘Presentable’ – Real Stories

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Taken from 2008 documentary ‘Pre-Teen Beauty Queen’, we witness how Jane Bennington has full control over her daughters appearance whenever they leave the house.

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sayeta zonen says:

Omg that girl's hair is so dry, brittle, damaged and so thin I can see her scalp, my goodness. The mom needs to stop putting so much pressure on her.

Hello kittyag 123 says:

This mother is crazy!

Logan Estes says:

True not a fucking doll

Logan Estes says:

That mom is a psycho insecure and can I say that I would rather commit suicide than live with that mom

Logan Estes says:

That mom is insecure as fuck

Helena Nascimento says:

what an asshole mother

Robert Jackson III says:

Her mom is crazy

Amanda 83 says:

That poor little girl is so miserable. GOD help this women not destroy this child. So sad.

Zeph Thompson says:

Fuck her

Strawberry gum MSP says:

My grandma loves to take me to mall and buy me clothes to look cute and keep me presentable but she is not like that .. And i dont really lie wasting money on lots of clothe and shit fuck.. ..

Chexxy AJ ◡‿◡ says:

The buttoms fin3, TEH top iz shittttttt

T U C Overload says:

this makes me sick

Chet youbetya says:

The mum the mum why is it dad stands by and does nothing to help his own daughter?Not to mention the extended family

Elizaveta says:

Some people should be forbidden to have children.

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