Multiples: The Home Stretch

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I can hear it CALLING says:

Sorry mum no grandchild for u

Stray Away says:

I am a boy and I'm scared.

Nufaysah Zakaria says:

She has TRIPLETS huh why

Minnu s world says:

Hi pregnant women

Bear says:

Awwe bless you. It must be a wonderful feeling to become a dad and caring for a pregnant wife. I would love to become a father. My grandparents had 8 kids.

Khloe Yzabelle Durias says:

I'm going to be pregnant

lilflowerbudgie says:

":C I'm scared for my life I don't wanna be pregnant

⚡️Freya and Esme reborn⭐️ says:

I really want a child

Walker Việt Nam says:

Brench the 2 baby time!
Screan baby!

100% Cool girl says:

My name is Allie

iikazzrobloxii says:

5:36 did it just grow bigger-

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