Moving Baby Belly-39 Weeks

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This was when I was 39 weeks pregnant with our baby girl. In the video, she starts off slow, but she REALLY gets moving in my belly at about a minute into it!! I gave birth to her only 8 days later!


anamaria&laviniu ember says:

omg that looks painful. im 28 weeks now and sometimes it hurts when shes
turning and sticks out….curious haw it will feel in a few weeks :)

Dodge Heavy Duty says:

Ow, ow, ow, ow! Boy, do you feel pain? Doesn’t it hurt? I am almost 20 & as
much as I love babies, it’s seems scary to be pregnant. (No I’m not
pregnant & not a mom.) Why is it so visible? Plus I am restless as your kid
in your stomach at night. I bet I was that way before I was born! Isn’t
that determined on hyperness in humans?
God bless. 

Briana Gill says:

Did that hurt

Dodge Heavy Duty says:

What do you mean it’s a beautiful sight to see? I see pain in the stomach.
When you say pressure is it like cramps? Or an elephant sitting on you kind
of pressure?

Aidan Husky says:


Natani Becerra says:

Wow that’s so crazy and beautiful!!! I can’t wait until I’m a mommy :)

Endercat654 says:

It’s weird and adorable at the same time! 

IAmMyOriginalBeing says:

Omg! Looks very similar to how my stomach looks when my babe moves around!!
And you are sooo right, it doesn’t feel too good when sticking far out. <3
But, it’s so cute at the same time. I’m not 39 weeks yet though. :)

CurlyPenny says:

So beautiful :’DD

Gensimp says:

This is precious :’)

Lathan Neah says:

I’m only 24 weeks…does it hurt?

TheEnderAsasiness Howard says:

Aww cute I heard a 13year old had triplets so anyone 13 and up can have
babies? Idk and wow that looks painful

Lathan Neah says:

Oh my God…

Kelly Moore says:

Wow! What does that feel like?

pregnantbelliesrock says:

Start at about 1:20 to see some amazing stuff

Daniely Diaz says:


Gesina Herbert says:

creepy, I am in my 5 month and that just looks like an alien. Maybe it’s
comforting when it’s your own body.

TheAtlanticwolf says:

does it hurt?

missimthatchick says:

If it gets too uncomfortable, poke her really hard and she will move. My
mum said she used to do that to me cos i always used to sit on her bladder.

Nikola Layton says:

haha, thats nuts! I’ve got two more months!

Zyanya Charles says:

Aww shes saying “mom I wana come out and meet u” ♥ .how amazing:)

JrLUK86 says:

You really looked after that belly! no stretch marks :)

rambita24 says:

amazing…my first moved like that and second, down to my third and hoping
he comes out tomorrow

anna curry says:


Yosef Ahren Marcel Gogorza says:

If i am a baby and she is my mom i will not go out his belly XD

Riana Dustin says:

damn… im 33 weeks .. ur baby is moving.. mine moves to.. u might have a
long baby…

Emily Styles says:

When I’m pregnant I’m just gonna say months that is so confusing


Awwwww…..she’s ready to come out. So sweet.

Dodge Heavy Duty says:

Holy smokers! Ate you grossed out when you see your stomach moving like

stonepaul05 says:

You’ll say weeks I promise.Your doctor counts by weeks, your tests are
ordered by weeks, your apps go by weeks, large milestones are measured by
weeks. And every week drags so it’s like a little accomplishment every week
further you get.

beast ram says:

So beautiful

darc145225 says:

So amazing! And to me it’s just crazy you can see them that well, separated
only by a few layers of skin and muscle!! Ha!!!

cutekrystle says:

Looks like a bh contraction happening

TeenMommy_Olivia says:

Omg I waited for my baby boy to move like that but he never really did :(
but this is amazing! Your going to be a great mommy I can tell!(: congrats

Dodge Heavy Duty says:

What’s that hand tapping you doing? What’s it do?

Katie Wiseman says:


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