Mommy Tummy | 5 Steps In How To Get Rid Of And Lose Your Mummy Tummy

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Mommy Tummy | 5 Steps To Getting Rid Of That Mummy Tummy
In this video, I explain the 5 steps to get rid of your mommy tummy as I did!
Here’s what I use and my clients use for nutrition and getting rid of the mummy tummy and overall weight

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anjelina julie says:

Using an organic blend "beyond weight management tea" may put much better impact than any other supplement.

Deepmala Bhoi says:

My tummy area is blackish clr after delivery plz suggest me

julie mark says:

"loose leaf tea" is the finest thing to reduce fat out of your body pretty effectively in a healthier way.

FT10DDR16 says:

This was great, thanks, I have been researching "how can i lose all my belly fat" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Fonnna Peylizabeth Principle – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.

sabre Nicole says:

Is it safe to try to repair a diastasis recti if you have a belly button hernia or does the hernia need to be take care of first???

Crystal Ashley says:

Soooo right that doctors don’t tell you about the gap and I don’t understand it. I remember mentioning it to my doctor and she dismissed it. Maybe they don’t even know much about it themselves because it would require them knowing beyond what they’re taught such as diet and the correct exercise. My doc couldn’t recommend any exercises that would help. I had to rely on YouTube

Olivia Mchugh says:

My son was so big that after he was out my abs weren't doing any of the lifting and I work at a labor intensive job. Anyways long story short since I never knew I had to work on my abs after he got here I was very close to have a slipped disc in my back and I had my son at 23, I am now 26 and have to go to physical therapy to try to get my stomach muscles right.

06kurri says:

where can I find the video of core workouts? my tummy didn’t bounce back easily after my 2nd compared to my 1st. I figured it was because 2nd was c-section. my genetics aren’t too well. I agree europeans have good genes

LunaTheMoonKitten says:

Thank you for talking about loose skin!! You made me feel so much better haha I’m at the inbetween stage I guess cuz I’ve lost weight and I think the lose skin got a little worse but it’s not too bad so now i totally believe I can get my pre baby body back! Thank you for this video!

Naina Jan says:

My baby is 18 months old now…but that tummy and side bulges frustrates me….im 5.4 ht nd stuck on 75 kg weight…help me out….n reply

Talat Shiraz says:

Plzzzz do reply I had 2 ceserians , second one is 6 months before. My mumy tummy is horrible. What should be the diet plan as nursing mother n excersis after C-section. Plzzzzz tell me

Mariama Gano says:

Waw i just get across you im like 6months pregnant and my son is one year i check my belly gap and all my 4fingers go inside so deep

Beth Harrison says:

Hi I had a 3rd degree tear and lost quite a bit of blood when I had my baby and I found it really difficult to do any kind of exercise and I have put on a lot of weight since the start of the pregnancy, I was just wondering if you had any advice or exercise tips x

Zj says:

how do we find ‘the gap’ and work on it please. A video on that..

thinker humayra says:

I am a ceserian patient and my baby age is 4 months, can I apply it for loosing my belly fat,and is it applicable for me? plz reply me its important to know before apply these
thank you:)


hi… my baby is six month …my pregnancy was not that easy… coz I'm a patient of placenta previa stage 3rd… and my whole pregnancy … doc. adviced me to took complete bed rest … and due to this my tummy got more and more saggy …plz help me out

Lh H says:

My kids are 11 and 10 and I'm just finding this …

Patty Schillinger says:

I was super flat after both baby's. I felt and was told how lucky I was. Now I'm in my 40s and it has come into my life. My kids are 24 and 21. I look like I just had a baby. My work colleagues tees me and ask when the baby's due. I'm trying to eat right and not alot but the work out thing is hard to figure out.

Connie Lee Be Chic says:

I have space in between my abs and fits 2 fingers. Only on the top ab area. Is it still diastasis racti?

Alexa Marshall says:

Mummy magic weight loss tea helps in loosing post baby weight easily.

gahirs says:

Hi thanks for this video . I feels like somebody I got to answer my questions . Please tell me which exercises I can do in a gym . I am overweight by 10 kilos and i have mummy tummy. My tummy looks smaller in the morning and as the day passes it becomes bigger and in night it’s a maximum size . I feel so embarrassed when ppl asked me that are you pregnant. Pls answer me that what are the best exercises to do in a gym . I have diastis rectum of 3 fingers and my physio therapist has asked me to do few exercises . It’s time to do those exercises
seriously but at the same time those exercises won’t help me in reducing the weight . So pls advice me . Thanks

Wendy Carmona says:

Are there any creams you guys know of for like skin tightening??

Ambika chittu says:

I am a mother of 3 months old baby. I don't have any saggy skin and no no lower tummy too. After watching this I came to know all these problems. I thank to my mom. I am an Indian my height is 5.7

cherryoctopi says:

My doctor told me I have a slight abdominal hernia (my belly button is still protruding and I am over two weeks postpartum). Anything I can do to help this?? Thank you so much!

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