MOM | 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Baby

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These are 10 things I wish I knew before I was a mom. Starting my journey as a mom.

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Anony Mrs says:

How about instead of asking people not to “brag” you encourage women to work on their low self esteem and insecurity issues?

Samantha Vanscoder says:

I don't have any kids yet but please buy at least one pack of newborn onsies. You never know. The worst that can happen is you waste a bit of money and a woman's shelter gets some baby clothes.

Okalani5000 says:

Why not wear sports bras?
Also I talked to my mom and she says that changing the baby in the middle of the night is fine as long as the baby has already drank the milk first. Because the baby often will fall to sleep during breast feeding so you might not need to change them. However, if the baby won't go back to sleep, keep an eye on their diaper and see if they pee themselves. In fact, changing the baby in the middle of the night after breast feeding prevents diaper rashes.

Erica Guerrero says:

I bought 0-6 months baby clothing. You were right don't buy for newborns coz baby grew fast and it's a waste of money.

Joseph Boboseph says:

Why is the left side of your face swollen?

Stephanie Freitas says:

Love your video !

Keiko Durham says:

The only thing that I disagree with is don’t change your baby throughout the night.. only because of what I do in my career field if you leave them to sit in their urine or poop too long it can cause rash that lead to pressure ulcers and it’s not like they’re always on their bottom it’s just a nit picky thing I have

Anastasia V says:

Can you explain more on the not changing them during the night?

Katie Roaden says:

I never produced enough milk to exclusively breast feed unfortunately. I have a 4 month old boy and I pump and supplement with formula. When I do pump I just wear my strapless maxi dress and whip em out! lol. So I regret stocking up on nursing bras and pads. My breasts don't even leak!

Julia Yasa says:

You look miserable.

Kirsten Carlson says:

How old were you when you got pregnant?

Amy Provan says:

its not my fault if my baby better at some things than other peoples and i like sharing tht info facebook as my kids poppy lives in queensland and writing stuff on fb keeps them up to date….

i honestly dnt care about other mums and their kids on my fb…. as i said not my fault if my kid is better at sleeping or what not than theres

Diana Dee says:

I am so glad I found your channel! I am 26 weeks with my first baby and your videos are very helpful.

Thetaplex PC says:

I need to have a baby soon because my nut is unhealthy.. no kiddin' and need it surgically removed within the next few years due to it being slightly injured. I want 2 kids while I still can have any kids at all. Looking for a GF to have them 2 with also.. plz help. 386 263 8082

Vicina Lucinda says:

Interesting! I'm really curious, our Adventure starts in september… 😀

Ms Black says:

short, sweet to the point

LadyofTruth says:

I am currently 5 months along and I'm so worried. this is my first child. I'm hoping I can handle this. I love the baby videos.

Bandit Stephanie says:

Such good advice for this 26 weeks preggo FTM!

Sarah Betz says:

I agree with ALL of your tips!! My baby cried his whole newborn session too.

Jessica Chu says:

Literally not getting pregnant anytime soon but I really loved this video. haha :) xo

Nicole Ditzler says:

How do I find the site you encourage membership to? What r membership terms/guidelines for your mobile gym.I am redirected to and it seems like it is all post pregnancy related. I am lookingfor the subscription for the 15 min daily workouts. I can not find an email address for you on sarahfit and the site crashes constantly. Totally confused.

Rebekah Borucki says:

And no way! Brag away!! Joy ignites more joy! Just offer your help to new moms are struggling :)

Rebekah Borucki says:

YOU'RE WEARING REGULAR BRAS?! Annabel is 18 months old, and I'm still in sleep and sport bras.

Frankie Marcinowski says:

Hey Sarah I was looking as your registry and I saw no one has bought u any nursing pads do u still need those ? And I was wondering what size nursing bra u need i can buy u one of those too

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