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Theme park manager Eddie Stark has one week to whip his lackluster group of employees into shape before the park’s grand opening.
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Voices From Me says:

…Jazz hand….

MileyCyrusPartyUSA says:

I don't like that they're making fun of a serious show. Now I can take it seriously anymore. Dammit!

Chaz Brennan says:

Guys we need more of this, stat.

kareem bul says:

how does he has background sounds, like how is he cutting ou the voices?

Holly K says:

I haven't seen Game of thrones and it looks like they are actually saying that stuff.

Adam Carder says:

mmmhmmm darth vader is bad, and his assistant is a mouse, im going to use the force to fix all his cats, yes, yes you did! I love that part

Tim Moore says:

This one is so well done. It looks like it would be a trailer for a movie.

ZaK says:

The whole thing is comedy gold, but Terry and Ferris are comedy diamonds.

Mantas Damasius says:

Lithuania say YES :D

ibitedou says:

Anyone know how did it turn out? did Apple end-up making iPhones for babies? cause clearly there's a demand.

Kenji1801 says:

Needs more Johnny Snow screen-time. And I wanna see the Starks family dogs.

777boman says:

Actually better than the show.

Jake Simonson says:

This is fucking hilarious, and I haven't even seen the actual show….. lol

Brain Rupture Agreement says:

Whenever I think of this video, I have to watch it.

Logan Mcintire says:

that was fucking great the walking dead one make my fucking face hurt

Deborah Clark says:

I think I've watched this a hundred + times and it kills me every time. Boyfriend and I even quote it at times, which leaves a very confused look on people not in the know. Please do more GoT BLR. please. :-)

Charlie Robertson says:

Every clip of ned they use is perfect for the situation

MMIGOR says:

When are we going to see trailer for the sequel of Medieval Land Fun Time World?

Andor Drakon says:

"Do you trust toothpaste?"
"Yes, I think it's alright."
"Go have your butt checked."

interfuse's Channel says:

FFFFFFUUUUUUCCKKK!!!! This video has replay-ability! :)

Kevin Lodge says:

I want this movie

Harris Sharif says:

Go have your butt checkedNo thank youPsychLOL

Guinevere Baldry says:

Please turn this onto an actual movie!

Macblink Skylight says:

04:50 that one got me xD

Josi Weston says:

What I love most are the lines you can totally imagine the character's actually saying.

"You bet! I've got girls in my dreams."

Yesha DC says:

"Are you a fan of the Pikachu?"

Arielle Ades says:

can we please get another GoT episode? this one is amazing!!!!

Optithra says:

so was this ever supposed to go on to be anything more or are you guys just a big tease? :D

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