Marvel Studios’ Avengers – Official Trailer

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Part of the journey is the end.

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Bailey Henderson says:

Sears is the most stable company why put them out the bankruptcy is Amazon , Wal-Mart's fault they pull to the most greedy and lazy people while sears is the south pole magnet to e commerce

Charles Vega says:

Is this over now…bcuz I think I've had enough…goddamn marvel movies

NotInsaneIPromise says:

Music was way too loud and the trailer hardly showed anything. I'll still watch the movie for sure, but the trailer is hot garbage.

Allpip says:

my theory for this movie is that spidey will feel better

Snistr says:

The like to dislike ratio should be perfectly balanced as all things should be

Ashutosh singh says:

Its the magic of avengers 3 and 4 that marvel got 10m subscribers from a time just one year ago when there were around 3m

W!llACT says:

Why endgame though? Infinity war part 2 made more sense. I know they said these are two different movies, but it's about reversing what thanos did and defeating him, it obviously should be called infinity war part2 , it doesn't matter how different these movies are, they both are the connected to the same storyline regarding the avengers. Because all MCU movies are connected.

DaveBrane says:

This is the movie of our lives!

Mumul Dwitama says:

I know who can defeat Thanos! its Jack jack!! (mr. Incredibles youngest son)

Kevin Jackson says:

For the love of God, someone, buzz him in.

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