Mandala pregnancy belly painting

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Let me first say I really did not like using this paint hahaha. This is face paint (apparently although Crayola products are child safe and non-toxic, I did some research and that is only referring to if it accidentally gets on their skin or in their mouth. They specifically say not to use their stuff as body paint boooo so the face paint it is)I found from my local craft store. As you all know, pens are kind of my specialty and to me this came out really messy- but I will do it again when she is near her due date! If you look closely you can see some areas where he was kicking, but the camera didn’t even capture close to all of his kicks- he was having a party in there!
This was kind of a last minute idea to post this so I also forgot to put at the beginning my usual statement that I don’t add music to these videos because its a pain to find good music w/o copyright. While this doesn’t relate to the video at all, I am loving Kendrick Lamar’s new album- what about you? Favorite song?

Thank you for watching!
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Pancitas de Colores says:

Lovely! <3

Berthe Reads Books says:

Messy or not, I like it ^-^


I found you channel just today and I've got to say: you're amazing. You
are so sweet and your smile makes my heart explode. You are super
talantet and I've binge-watched your vidoes. Keep up the good work, you
are amazing<33

Boho Bookworm says:

OK this is stunning – so my kind of thing. If I ever have a baby this is what I'm going to do haha! Love it. New subscriber, hope to keep in touch!

K. Elizabeth McCoy says:

Beautiful!!  I think with my next pregnancy, I want to do a belly painting or do a belly cast and then paint that.

monicabooklover says:

love the video I wanna try this but the only thing left to do is to find a pregnant woman

J.D. Estrada Writer says:

lol this didn't tickle one bit? I don't know if I could take it. Super sweet though. My best to your sis and the lil kid's auntie 😀

MyAdultLife says:

You are going to so enjoy being a auntie!!!!
Beautiful painting :)

A World Hopper says:

beautiful! this is a bit random but I just read Laini Taylor's Strange the Dreamer where in this one culture girls get their bellies tattooed like that so this really reminded me of that book 😀

Forgive me for chiming in says:

sooo awesome! I've been an aunt (aka free babysitter) for 15 yrs now

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