Mama Knows Best: Parenting Advice

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Tamar dishes on the words of wisdom Mama Evelyn gave to her for raising son Logan. Her number one piece of advice? “Always make time for your kids, no matter what.”


Flower Power says:

yes my relationship with my mom in the beginning was rocky now that im grown and have kids my mother is my best friend

sarah phinees says:

Tamera likes lightly touching /flipping her hair a lot. (just an observation)

Adollia Dolo says:

I love the REAL!

jalohi1 says:

mums knows best can only agree to that no one knows me beter than my mother

jordannaA says:

I had to turn the volume down for Adrienne. She was a just a little too loud.
All of them yell (well except Loni) but this video her speaking volume was too high for my ears.

tacr5 says:

more socially constructed gendered bullshit. sigh

Finding Kim says:

I love when they tell stories about their moms! Adrienne's mom sounds so dope! — I also love when Loni participates seriously. her jokes are cool but its nice seeing HER for who she is outside of being a comedian.

HEY YO!! says:

well I always told my mum she will raise be there raising my kids after I m married, oh she knows everyday I tell her that. I dont want my kids to miss on how awesome my mum is.After my God, its my mama then my dad, then my stepmum

layla awad says:

The way they ended this video was beautiful the last three words… "I loved that" IT GOT ME

nigeriansista says:

What would the world do without mothers? I love u mom! The same goes to fathers as well!

Missezmorena says:

I love Loni but I don't like how she perpetuates stereo types

Tamar Honnah says:

Aww, that was cute about Adrienne's mum!
(yes I'm from London if you were wondering why I spelled it mum)  
it's always been my mum, my sister and I and we're all soo close as I'm still young we still are and I really appreciate and love my mum we share a lot of stuff and for a teenage girl i'm quite close with my mum, I'd rather spend time with her and my sister above everything!

Pavel Paulinich says:

What Adrian says in the end? She is not ……?… She is energetic! Please help

Brianna Jarrett says:

I love how Adrienne was able to admire and recognize Tamar and Tamera's hard work of being moms, someone needed to :)

Kara Ledwaba says:

I'm only 21 but I'm finding that moving out and living my own life has made us more appreciative of each other than we were when I lived under her roof 24/7. And the worrying starts, I'm always worrying about her health…its like we switched roles.

Glen Theo says:

The bond between Tamar and Jeannie was really warming to watch in this segment and as always Tamera and Tamar are so cute on how they agree on things. Tbh the bond between all the girls is really beautiful. They seem especially close and respectful of each other here and I just hope that they continue to grow as a unit, because even when they don't agree on things, the relationships that they have with each other really makes this show special.

Kristie Bach says:

What's so good about drinking

LaCheleWallace says:

I'm an only child. The best advice I received came from my parents and grandparents. "Leave people alone and you will live longer." Small piece of advice with a huge meaning behind it.

Kat Aus says:

Hahaha! Love this segment and love how respectful the ladies are of their mothers. Love that my beautiful Mama always celebrated her childrens differences in personalities.

Raquel Rene' says:

My mom and I are not close as we got older; but my daughter and I are getting closer as she's entering her 20's

Day says:

I know tamar's the wiggie, and she gets it right more often than not, especially lately with the demise of Terrell and Tamar's working relationship.. but Tameras wigs be on point tho! So natural looking.

oldsoul says:

I think it's interesting and good that tamera's mom disciplined her & Tia different. We all got the belt in this house. I think Tamera gonna have a hard time when her kids are teens and hangs with their peers more

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