Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch

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Jimmy and Benedict Cumberbatch perform an intense scene they’ve written together using Mad Libs.

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Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch
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Legends Keeper says:

Hello there Benedict Cumbersnatch.

Fahrevz Dinz says:

He can be Martian Manhunter in DC

Mario Pie says:

Jimmy: An interjection
Benedict: FUCK

ら七みouこanきReza says:

He should of said 14,000,054

ら七みouこanきReza says:

Why does jimmy Fallon look like Zachary Levi

FantasticFanatique says:

The best thing on Jimmy Fallon Tonight's Show. Period.

the amazing me says:

Benedict is wearing the same harness Nathan Drake wears in uncharted 4

Maribel P says:

This is by far my favorite mad lib theater lmfao Hilarious!!!

DustyRandomObject The Object says:

Other Detective: Where was this held
221 B Baker Street

archeyangel1 says:

"So why does the security camera show you gyrating half a millimetre away from the crime scene?!!" I can't breathe, this is the best thing I've ever watched, I can't stop laughing LOL

SaberTag says:

"Fourteen million six hundred and five."

Jimmy Doan says:

Jimmy: Numbers
Benedict: 14,000,605

Marisa Tamayo says:

jimmy: exclamation!
benedict: FUCK!

Shiny Abxg says:

Avengers : where the time stone

Doc strange : don’t mind me I’m just gonna take the stone and leave

Like if 2019

XamuraiS Warrior says:

Bennedict cumberbatch sounds like a mafia

Gloria Garcia says:

He looks hot as Dr.Strange and adorable as himself

bangtanus says:

we NEED jake gyllenhaal in this

Surigen 12 says:

but…but…it was staged all along…

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