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In this curated list of baby food ideas for 10 + months babies, learn to make:
1. Moong Bean/GreenGram Rice
2. Curd Rice
3. Spinach Dal/Lentil Rice
4. Mixed Veggie Rice
5. Cauliflower Peas Rice
6.Shredded Chapati/Roti in Milk
7.Rice in Rasam
8. Rice in Tomato Rasam
9. Rice in Tomato-Dal/Tomato-Lentil

This is the everyday cooking idea. These are easy baby lunch ideas too. Along the way pick up a few techniques about providing balanced nutrition to your baby, the importance of home cooked meal and much more. The fairly simple list of ingredients are given as sub titles in the video or explained. Should you have questions about baby lunch ideas or best baby food recipes you want to learn, please let us know.

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Akanksha Chandekar says:

I wanted to start solids to my baby and this video has been a real help!! I tried some of recipe and my baby loved it.Thanks a ton

vijayajaya vel says:

1 hv 8 mnths old baby. It's very helpful to me. Thank u so much.

Mahek Khan says:

Thanku so much

islam zghoul says:

Lots of these recipes are Not health for babies.
Like adding salt, yogurt, and spices

sameera fatima says:

link of masher please

Yashfeen Khan says:

Nice recepies but u added salt in all dishes while serving which is not at all healthy

Ramy's Arusuvai Kitchen says:

Nice work sis

Mohsin Pathan says:

sare khane ko alag alag karke nam le le kar bataiye good food

M.Thiyagu thiyagu says:

Wow superb and thank you so much ….

Chikku Agarwal says:

Very nice..
Thank you so much

Ganesh Karri Laxmi says:

Tq so much this vedio was so nice help to me

Farha Sayyed says:

21 month baby food

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