Love & Carrry Stretchy Wrap. Front Wrap Cross Carry instructions

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Love & Carry® Stretchy Wrap is best for newborns, providing soft and complete support for the infant from heels to the head. This video will teach you how to do Front Wrap Cross Carry.
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Miriam Tavares says:

You shouldn’t do this wrap with a stretchy fabric!! This is for a linen or a woven material

Kristina Bruzdeilynaite says:

Very helpful

irene lee says:

Is this ok with 3 wk old?

Bunny_Candy says:

Enfin j'ai réussi

Ela Danaツ says:

U are amazing..

yoanita chandra says:

Cradle carry position, please.

Keila Castillo says:

Que tipo de tela es

snorkel 511 says:

I couldn't even watch, that baby was trying his best to flip off the table

Jade Beth J says:

This is a great video

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