Little moving and reacting baby inside his mummy’s tummy (26 weeks pregnant)

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A video of my tummy moving because of the little sweet baby living and growing inside it is making a party! He is reacting to my touches and moves everywhere and so much!

I did it when I’m exactly 26 weeks pregnant (24 weeks) :)


Bianka Callejas says:

Awe, the song before was so perfect. I came here to show my hubby. What was
the song you previously had?

Hellen Lamm says:

Magnifique ♥

Traveltomars2009 says:

Followed your link from DA (glasspetrolvodkagin). Beautiful video :) x

MichikoAkaYuki says:

When did you find out?

Joriest125 says:

That is so beautiful <3

xlilemmax123 says:

i actually cant wait to have a baby when im older :) xx

Tatiana Restrepo says:

Bn S’o

Chomikmk says:

pfff youtube has no sense of beauty -.-

Chomikmk says:

Wait… I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, but didn’t you change the

cherri boyer says:

What song

JenniferOcious79 says:

Makes me imagine what it would feel like physically and emotionally.I know
there’s this whole topical statement of how beautiful and how amazing a
thing it is to have a baby grow inside you.I’m wondering if you can talk
about some of the emotions you’re having and if you have thoughts about us
as humans and the meaning of life, or anything like that.I hope I haven’t
been rude by asking this of you.Please forgive me if it comes across as
rude.You shared a wonderful moment so unabashedly.Thanks.

Deymilichaba says:


xSianaOwlCityx says:

Adorable.. j’aime beaucoup, surtout avec la voix de Julian :)

Chomikmk says:

How did you call the baby after all?

malamoupio says:

I loved the music before, it was perfect and in rhythm, but youtube decided
other way and changed it automatically :(

Natface08 says:

@LIGHTNinja3U The most amazing feeling in the world…it also feels like
they are trying to break out through your belly button. It doesnt hurt most
of the time but every now and then it shocks you!

Sibeleatworld says:

The only that could make this video more beautiful is Strokes. <3

Mudasar Iqbal says:

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