List Of Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy – Foods & Beverages to Avoid During Pregnancy

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There are some foods you should not eat when you’re pregnant because they might make you ill or harm your baby.

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Umu Ehaab official says:

I was eating alot of dates every day and I miscarriage I did not know before I get miscarriage

Alex Mary says:

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joy lulu says:

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Jacky L. says:

If I don't want the child do I just eat all those foods?

kauser's kitchen says:

nice sharing

yolanda arnord says:

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Dilki Perera says:

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Rusmond Berkitt says:

What a crock of shit!!! Stop misinforming people. This video is nonsensical and I challenge the creator of these lies to present statistics to back up what you are portraying in this video!!! #sooooannoyed the only thing I agree with is the raw fish and too much caffeine

Manny Manzano says:

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HONDA2000 GAMING says:

You forgot graps and pineapples

cj po ito says:

Sa naghahanap po NG cyctotec pm me Lang sa fb q cjane o elue tumulong sa akin D2 sa UAE legit po meron din s pinas

K G says:

What's the source?

Ngilosi Angel says:

Dates?dates are good for body especially if you gonna deliver your baby via natural birth (vaginal)

biswajit nayak says:

Tate kie kahila re e kaka khaiba katha bujhilu kuturpiya

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