Life in the womb (9 months in 4 minutes) HD – Presented to You from PSNX

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Life is truly wonderful! In fact, the development of human life in the womb is just amazing. Did you know that everything about you — including how tall you would be, the color of your eyes, and the color of your skin– was all determined at the time of fertilization? Month-by-month you grew in the safety and comfort of your mother’s womb until the big day of your birth finally arrived! we are about Saving You Money, Not Making Money – and letting you enjoy Life’s creation -YOU


Katatonic says:

Who’s idea was it for this song? God damn..

Liya Rayeen says:

Awrsome explanation

CocoaBae 86 says:

Wow…That was amazing…very well put together!!!

lolguy 123 says:

Tge baby come out by its own lol cute baby by the way

Gacha Show says:

We're going on a trip in our favorite uterus zooming through the body little babies.

Nishat Nashh says:

“It is ALLAH Who has created you from dust then from a sperm-drop, then from a leech-like clot; then does he get you out (into the light) as a child: then lets you (grow and) reach your age of full strength; then lets you become old,- though of you there are some who die before;- and lets you reach a term appointed; in order that you may learn wisdom.” [40:67]
I’m so proud to be a Muslim and so fortune to be born as a Muslim. There’s no GOD other than ALLAH and you will understand it when you die but you will regret then for not realizing it on the earth when you were alive. May Allah protect us from satan and all bad things.

lisa Blackpink says:

1:48 ok they're just wanting some more babies.

Low Anne Behold says:

tears in my eyes.. simply amazing

Sonali Dutta says:


Kionna Crawford says:

So beautiful.. I'm excited

Smart Learning Adda says:

Amazing,we are wonderful creature created by God

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