La Newborn BabyDoll Bath Toy for Dolls How to Change Diaper and Bathe Baby Video

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Watch as Play Doh Girl Opens this new La Newborn Bathtime Baby Doll and Changes it’s Diaper and gives her a Bath! If you enjoy the video please LIKE-COMMENT-SUBSCRIBE below and be sure to check out some of our other videos! Thanks for watching!


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Dave Axton says:

how much money was it

Dave Axton says:

how much money was it

diana montes says:

esraban engripadas o me parece a mi

Rafeal Vicioso says:

how much money is it

Brittany Warembourg says:

i love babbies to very mech

Jeff Kee says:

that looks like a real baby

Rob Bottomley says:


Rob Bottomley says:

She is so big

india hicks says:

I have the same one

Susan O'callaghan says:

oh so. cute

Gari Staples says:

it does come of

Gari Staples says:

she is so cute

miranda bell says:

i have one

Alexcia Clarke says:

i have that i buy mine from toy,r us

princess reed says:

that was sweet when she kiss the baby!

Sisse Universo says:

qie menina chatinha

#myamazinglife 89 says:

So adorable! I love it!

Alexia Pasco says:

Let. THe. Gril. Play

germaine robinson says:

great video! your daughter is so cute

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