Key & Peele – Substitute Teacher

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While taking attendance, inner-city substitute teacher Mr. Garvey has trouble adjusting to a classroom full of middle-class white students.

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AnimeTV says:

LMAO I can't believe Key & Peele is ending :'(

james marshall says:

im the new sustitute teacher i spent 22 years teachin in the inner city and spent  two days on the Enola Gay  so dont even mess with me .. you feel me

Jussy B. says:

This reminds me of his Coach Hines days! lol so funny!

buddyblakester says:

everyone at my work has called me Balakay for the last year its kinda hilarious

Ronald Andreas Spro Lamarque says:

"Get outta here before I break my leg inside your ass"
I have to try use that expression sometime!

MerlinCorwinoff says:

I'm just like him. The only difference, i'm teaching at university

Phantom Reality says:

check yourself….. before you shrek yourself ;)

Gustav Hagberg says:


felicitie flemmings says:

Every time I go back to school after summer or there's a sub about 84% of the time they say my name wrong. I couldn't even imagine how he'd say my name. Lol

NASCARfan808 says:

It's funny how d-nice gets pissed when he breaks the clipboard 

StanSucks AtGaming says:

I think I'm the only one who realizes that he is used to these types of names because he taught school in the inner city

Housewife that bakes cakes says:

Insubordinate! Haha

Sean “Wavetube” CR says:

80 million ? its funny but not that funny

Marcus St Marcus says:


diulikadikaday says:

Like I've been saying, Ruby Ruhf should model her technique on Mr. Garvey. He is totally underrated in the teaching game.

Schadenfreude says:

D-nice is smokin' hot!

Chris Carmona says:

can't wait to see the movie based off this skit'

Gladiator Spear says:

A a ron hahahaha

iMiNER™ •Android 5.0• says:


hurrduur derps says:

its coach heins

Ted Ahn says:

where's yamanashi

Davin Holloway says:

2:17 haha – to the rest

Rj Right says:

Would love this teacher.

Sam Flowers says:

Jaquilen is so fucking hot!

james marshall says:

Tim othy is a kiss ass… I would start calling the Teacher Mr Gravey

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