Katelyn Ohashi – 10.0 Floor (1-12-19)

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Ann Granit says:

Amazing ! …i saw her on the beam at 2012…she could easy go olympic…such a greate gimmnist!!!

Nevaeh Bejar says:

I saw u on TIK TOK

Кирилл Кириллов says:

Представьте как она ебется

Roshan Munnu says:

Ohh my god how she can do like this its amazing…

Plant says:

The sheer fact she made gymnastics entertaining makes me think she is the next great Olympian

Kathyrine & Robert FOREVER says:

We love youtube

赵彬 says:

不得了 不得了 不得了…
了不得 了不得 了不得…

LX Wrightson says:

Is she like MyLife AsEva’s twin?!


What did I just watch

Daniela Bodoh says:

I can't even do the splits

ainsleywainsley says:

want proof there is a difference between the genders

Skip to 1:21
no man can do that.

Brian Moran says:

What a feel good story. You inspire me to get into shape. Thank you Katelyn. You just wowed the World.

Octavia Mendes says:

I’m not even a gymnast I don’t know why this was in my recommend

Subscriber1,121,087 Maximilianmus says:

Oh yeah yeah

teddy mills says:

They only gave 10s for perkiness not technical scores.

Jordi Ocampo says:

Name of song 0:32

Lil Salvaaa says:

0:08 gravity has left the chat

Николай Герасимов says:

какие бедра какие ляхи.я б ей засадил.

God Complex says:

She looks like my science teacher. Oh god no

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