Juventus 3-1 Sassuolo | Ramsey and Ronaldo strike late to help hosts up to fourth | Serie A TIM

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CR7 goal secured Juventus’ 3-1 win over Sassuolo and was his 15th Serie A TIM goal this season (most in the league) | Serie A TIM

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israel Ogunkunle says:

israel ogunkunle

oiuet souiu says:

my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

Thảo Mai 800K Vào Timbanvn xyz says:

00:22 Để không có những vết xước bên trong

Kartal TG says:

merih demiral king

متین علیپور says:

خوشم اومد

ka al says:

Get out : Pirlo , rabiot , frabotta, chiellini, Dybala

Doente Por Flamengo says:

Which celeb died after Ramsey scored this goal ?

vbddfy euuyt says:

Can he score til 1000 goaals?? RONALDO is the G. O. A. T

Fernandez Rodriguez says:

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Wibbysana Dewantara says:

ronaldo thumnail auto high views

kabul journal says:

Foxy Rider says:

3:42 did the defender just smile while running ??

Han Hip says:

When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

Adam Ben says:

Great game, am I the only one who quiet likes the fact that there is no fans. Just the sound of the players. Amazing.

Ed Armitage says:

why are they playing their away kits when theirs at home

Ankit Gupta says:

I wonder how do weaker teams try to compete against Juve?
Like Spezia players must be emulating Ronaldo to be a legend and their coach is helpless against Juve and their star players

Lieuhuyen Thuthao says:

1:40 dog: help my please

dutoiu hour says:

0:38 that's some sublime skill by Mckennie


Ronaldo is the best ever!

Gaven M says:

I want Manuel Locatelli at Juventus

Antonio C. says:

1:34 What a hit, eargasm

ميكال باسل says:

6 Million views 0_0

Artix Perdana says:

Ayolah fans Juventus dan Ronaldo banyak di Indonesia rugi kalo ketersediaan video di Indonesia lama atau ditunda… Anda meragukan jutaan penonton youtube Indonesia admin Serie A… Updatenya lebih cepat kalau bisa jangan dilama2in, masak sering sekali video sudah diupload tapi penonton Indonesia gak bisa nonton… Rugi gak trending mengurangi adsense, udah gak usah membeda-bedakan lah.

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