Justin Bieber – Sorry (Lyric Video)

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Justin Bieber – Sorry (Lyric Video)



Girl Gamer says:

Who's watching in 1995

Sulthan Outsiders says:

FOR Selena gomez :v

Jayden Guerra says:

it is to late to say sorry to slena♥♥♥♥♥♥♥★★★★★★★♡♡♡♡♡♡♡I like her shes hot

Jayden Guerra says:

your good

Shianna Dalrymple says:

today's my birthday

Mariah Jojola says:

Lol Fact: JB always has pretty girls in his vids just to look good. Damn give other people a chance. JB fans hate on me if you want.

Brianna Rivera says:

what is it +mercyboy

XxBonesSxlxX xX says:

Anyone saw Zach King?

B4 Twixxr says:

anyone else wanna know where she getting the water from ?

Lona Bruny says:

I loveeeeeee this song

Shauna Mendoza says:

i've always loved JB no matter who he will come to turn out like

Gabi and your things says:

I hate Justin Biber, but I really like this song

Lívia Luisa says:

love the music

Renz Julian says:

Zach king is there ahhaha

DomiDeAnimeY Mg says:

Love This Song!

Literal Poppy says:

someone who had the beiber feaver

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