Jordin Sparks Shares What it Was Like Having an All-Natural Water Birth

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Singer, songwriter, and actress Jordin Sparks opens up about how American Idol changed her life and prepared her for her career. Plus, she describes her experience as a new mom.

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rachieraindrop says:

What does giving birth feel like? The pain. I always wanted to be a mother but the pain and how huge you get (I already feel fat and I’m not even pregnant) are the MAIN things that hold me back.

Pauline Davis says:

Dr. Oz is lowkey weird lol they way he said his wife thought Daphne was stillborn

D says:

She's a man

_whateverittakes_ says:

As I get older I’ve never felt right about hospital births. I like the idea of the quiet natural and intimate part of the water births. If my dr told me I was safe enough to do it with no medical concerns, it’s something I definitely want to do. Women are incredible from the beginning of time our bodies were made for this

KamekoBruns says:

Giving birth in water is not natural. Why does anyone listen to the vapid "celebrities" or this quack, horseshit peddler, Oz?

Ward Luay says:

2:08 that’s not true unless he held him for more than 7 seconds. A baby takes 7 seconds to relize he’s been born.subhan allah

Courtney Hall says:

I became a mom the same day she did I had s natural birth no epidural it was so painful I screamed til I called talk the next day hardly so worth.

KY S. says:

wow i can't believe its been 11 years!!! Jordan looks gorg!

hev spring says:

Love her!!! Congrats!!

Alia Koonce says:

I love Jordin Sparks

pseudoplastic84 says:

Alhamdullilah I feel so lucky cuz I labored for only 2 hours and pushed for 15 minutes…. ❤

Lulu M says:

I’ve always liked Jordin, she’s so sweet and so pretty too ❤️

J C says:

Water birth…smh

Yaser Ziada says:

thanks dr oz for this episode we benefits from this advices in our live. we are have experience and coomunication contiue between all people in worldwide.

princesspetshops says:

I have an appointment with my allergist tomorrow at 1:30 pm I'm highly allergic to mold and I might be allergic to hay which is what horses eat because when hay got in my boots two days ago when I was at a pumpkin patch I started getting poked by it and I got itchy and I have bruises and blood spots on the top part of my left leg! Wish me luck and I hope you guys and gals tell me that you hope I get better soon because I'm not feeling well just like yesterday night when flying back home from Chicago because when we took off I started getting lightheaded and was actually lightheaded during the beginning of the flight

LiS Wright says:

What is Generation S?

syah shar says:

sounds painful

Lynn- Ster says:

Unfortunately some hospitals don't offer tubs anymore and probably would've been better on the back muscles. I was in labor for 27hrs with no sleep, no food..mouth was sand paper dry. The hard part is those 1-2minute contraction with no drugs. Yes we are super as women.

N. Ray says:

What a wonderful experience would love to watch the video. Saw my first two on YouTube. #Mazeelee and #kasman

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