Jessie James Decker – Pregnancy Vlog #5

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See what I put in my baby bag!!

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Colombiana xoxo says:

Does anyone know where those socks are from? In the wrapper?

shamariyah molnau says:

You are so cute! This is very helpful!

inthepursuitofbeauty says:

Love that your so real and honest and down to earth.  I love me some Target . Congrats!

Dee Agui says:

I love how you said you like to pop a boob out and Vivi started laughing in the background! :)

Jaylene Malley says:

Anyone know where she got her birthing gown? I think she said Zulily, but I didn't see it on their site. Thanks!

Miss Sandoval says:

Love you guys! Big congrats!

violettt1 says:

seriously why would anyone thumbs down this? shes real and down to earth. Good luck Jessi hope all goes well and your baby is healthy

Christina Ariel says:

I'm going to be a mom soon myself and thank you so much for your vlog this is the first time and I learned so much just from this video.

cannsmith says:

I'm not even pregnant and I found this incredibly helpful and informative

amandatuyet says:

"I don't like stuff in my buttcrack." Lol. She is so funny! I miss her tv show!

AnnaMaria Guerriero says:

I love her she's so real but girl fold that stuff ! All wrinkly lol

taylor clark says:

Agree 100 on sports bras vs nursing bras. Also no thongs for me either lol!!! Special occasions maybe 😉 you are so dang cute! Do you want more than 2 kids??

Mattia Edwards says:

when are you doing another show????? I would love to watch again.

All_About_Drea 91 says:

I love how real and genuine you are I'm also pregnant and having another boy btw congrats on baby boy he is adorable!!

katie Austin says:

Congratulations and good luck with the new baby boy. Hope the birth goes really well. Maybe upload a vlog there?

Annie GeeS says:

What's that nipple lotion called????

Hannah Gilmer says:

I love following Jessie! She is so down to earth, hilarious, adorable and she keeps it real! She isn't afraid to show how she really is and to talk about just about anything! Her baby boy Eric was due a day after my baby girl! I was so SOOOO excited to see that one of my favorite people and I were not just pregnant at the same time, but due days back to back from each other! Of course her little man came early and my baby girl is late… lol Go figure, but it was still fun and interesting going through pregnancy along with her! Now for my baby girl to finally decide to make her debut ;)

Mary Pilla says:

You are so real and so awesome! What a great mommy u are!!!

Stacey Mills says:

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE you! You're so down to earth, definitely one reason why you have so many fans that absolutely love you! So sweet and so real! Thanks for sharing! May God continue to bless your beautiful family!!!! (-:

Amanda Butcher says:

Does anyone know the type of shaper she is using? I need to get one, I'm due in November! Thanks!

hannahskidd says:

Congrats on the beautiful baby boy!! I hope you continue to make blogs with your two precious babies!! Vivi is so beautiful!!

Rocio HisPrincess Gonzalez says:

Love your videos and the fact that you shared your pregnancy with us! Love you and your family. Thank you for been so down to earth! Baby Eric is so adorable! Congrats!!

Jessica Camacho says:

Hey I know I'm not famous but it's my bday tomorrow and due to bad weather I won't be doing much, I was sad and I came across your picture on Facebook and it cheered me up bc u have a pure heart. I know it's very random but thought u should know. Congratulations on the new born!

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