Jennifer Aniston Fuels Pregnancy Rumors with Tummy Concealing Dresses

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For weeks there have been rumors doing the rounds that actress Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with Justin Theroux’s baby. But till now the speculations haven’t been confirmed. Instead Aniston fuelled these rumors by appearing at the People’s Choice Awards as well as “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in tummy concealing outfits as opposed to the LBDs and figure hugging gowns she normally sports.
For the People’s Choice Awards, the “Friends” star slipped into a classic black leather dress by Dior. The knee-length dress featured subtle sequins and though the actress didn’t look frumpy or shabby it was strange to see her dressed in something that didn’t show her fabulous curves. The dress was clinched under the bust but flared down to her knees perfectly concealing her abdominal area. Aniston was awarded the Favorite Comedic Movie Actress.

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