IVF Success: 8 Week Pregnancy Update and Belly Shot!

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Filmed on 11/6/2014 [8w6d]
Recapping symptoms and everything that happened during week 8 of my pregnancy!

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Sarah Louise says:

YES! I totally know what you mean by feeling nauseous in your throat. When
I was little I used to tell my mom I had a tummy ache in my throat. Then I
would throw up! Blah…
I’m so glad you like your midwife! That’s so great!!
Love the baby bump!

selena Franco says:

Kendra I hope everything is okay? I see you haven’t posted a video nor been
on Twitter, I hope nothing happened ill be looking out for response . Take
care girl. 

TeenyVlogs says:

I agree, this should be your 9 week update. When Zane turned one we
celebrated his first year of life not his zero year. Or the twins will be
two months old on November 23 but they are already in their second month.
Is that helpful? Oh well. Track it the way that makes sense to you :) We’ll
know what you mean. So glad that things are going great. I still can’t
believe you’re having a baby! I’m so excited that this has happened for you
:) You’re going to be a wonderful mama. 

Strength Beyond The Storm says:

Awwww… You have a little gummy bear now! Isn’t funny how when pregnant,
you are excited to feel nauseous?!? Lol! Your little bump is so cute, and
can I just say I wish I looked as gorgeous as you do without makeup! You’re
beautiful, and your skin is already glowing. Great update sweetie! 

Marianne M says:

You look great mama! You’re glowing!! I can’t believe this time last year
we were both doing TTC vlogs and now we are doing pregnancy updates!!! So
glad you and baby are doing well! 

AshAnd Angel says:

we have so many similar symptoms I have the throat feeling haha I have no
idea how to explain it. Glad your doing well! I got to see and hear the
heartbeat yesterday such an amazing thing! What was the heartbeat at? 

Nash BB Journey says:

Kendra, did you freeze any eggs? I know you talked about it in a past video
but I can’t find it. I was just curious. My husband and I will be doing IVF
but not sure how we feel about freezing so thought we would see how many
others have gotten.

Shandy says:

i may have to invest into one of those doplers 😉 glad you and the baby are
doing well, and i totally understand that throat feeling. Mine still comes
and goes along with the nausea. Hang in there love! Can’t wait for another
update :) 

chrislan stelly says:

I get my first ultrasound Dec 3rd I’ll be 11 weeks the suspense is killer
lol I barely have any symptoms so it makes it hard to wait but as long as
I’m not bleeding I’m not to worried December seems so far away

PregnantAndPaleo says:

Wait, now I’m confused!!!!
When I do updates, I always do them at the end of the week, to recap the
previous week. For example, today I am 18w6d, so I’m about to do my 18 week
pregnancy update. Someone explain this x_x

Claire Wolfe says:

sooo cute! eeep so happy for you everything is going great x

selena Franco says:

Thats great you got good news , and baby is doing great, I just got best
news they did a blood test to see if my baby has down syndrome or something
like came out negative , I worry so much and also if you cant get heart
beat sometimes on Doppler dont worry my ob was trying to hear heartbeat
couldn’t find I cried so bad had an ultrasound found heartbeat Dopplers are

Valerie Browne says:

What a lovely jelly bean. Congrats again Kendra. You are doing great. So
great to hear things are going well. Continued good health to you, bean and
DH xoxoxoxo

Falking Around says:

Awwwww your bump is so cute!!! Glad to know everything is going well!! xoxo

Mom Topic says:

Your bump is cute! Glad everything is going well 😀 

Jammie Dyke says:

You are confused?!?! Basically you just gave a 9 week updaye sweetheart. At
8 weeks and 6 days pregnant you are almost done with week 9. It really
isn’t that harf. On you child’s 1st birthday he/she will be one. Which
means they have completed 1 year so they are 1 year old. So with pregnacy
you are almost 9 weeks which mean you have completed 9 weeks of you
pregnancy! Give updates when you feel comfortable with them. You crack me

MahliMaybe says:

You look amazing! I’m glad all is going well and I’m super excited. May God
continue to be with you and your family. You have a major glow!

Miss Marble says:

I think you are doing your updates perfectly. It doesn’t make sense if you
begin week 9 and talk about all your symptoms and what you have gone
through in week 8. That would actually be an update on week 8 and not week
9. The updates should be on the week you have completed, not the one you
have just begun. So above you are talking about what happened in week 8 and
it is a week 8 update, not a week 9 one. Hope this makes sense. 

Daniela Romano says:

I had the same
Thing with the bumps
On my face with my
Last pregnancy which was my third. It was my first boy. My skin also got
very dry and I normally have perfect skin. I used jergens lotion to
moisturize and washed my face with witch hazel

Nicole Dzienciol says:

You guys should do daily vlogs ! I don’t know if you know daily bumps or
Ellie and Jared and now both of them have there baby boys and Ellie and
Jared are expecting again and missy and bryan from daily bumps are trying
again ! You and your husband would make great daily vloggers . Congrats to
you guys though ❤

Art&Nature says:

Hope everything is ok with you and baby. U didn’t posted a video, so
thinking about you…tc.

Darlen Gonzalez says:

Hi Kendra!!!! im soooo happy for you love, i have been watching your
journey and i know its been hard, but you have been rewarded, you will see
what a blessing is ti have your baby, no matter how bad you feel enjoy your
pregnancy and embrace it, it flies believe me, god blessed you and your
little angel…ps. i think is going to be a boy hahaha take good care.

stacie garcia says:

Hi kendra, I also take the garden of eden raw prenatal but I take 3 daily.
Am I supposed to take it 3xs a day?

Purple Veggie says:

You have not just completed 8 weeks. You have completed 9 weeks. This is
your nine week update labeled as eight. This is like a two year old doing a
one year update when they are one year and 11 months old. 

Unfertile Mertyle says:

That heartbeat is such a beautiful sound! My doppler actually came in the
mail today but it is still way to early for me. I have had a lot of the
same symptoms. What a cute little bump!

Blush/Shimmer/Babydust says:

You look sooo happy and glowing! Love it!! I totally understand you with
the symptoms. I would probably feel so much calmer if I had symptoms and
worry a lot if they disappeared. Life as a anxious person ;)

TredosIVFjourney says:

You look amazing! Your def glowing. Try not to worry so much and enjoy your
bump! Again congrats and best wishes. I have my 3 day transfer

drislandgirl says:

Taking my prenatal with food helps with nausea

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