Isabella’s First Steps Baby Doll

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The FIRST So Truly Real baby doll that WALKS with help from you! Touch-activated doll by Linda Murray with RealTouch vinyl likelife features.


Linda Spicer says:

Grownups playing like they are real children is creepy

fading colours Was Hit By A Giant Truck Named Kpop says:


Miriel Moonfang says:

She's so pretty ❤️

Елена Байнова says:

Уродка на вид

reborn babies I love Paget says:

Cute but how is itt achually walking pls reply

Reneka Caesar says:

Im getting her for christmast maybe it is 229.99

Jehona Baftiji says:

wot. dollar. is. babi. silicone. Bady

prwebkinz04 says:

Wouldn't want to be sleeping in your dark room and then you hear noises and sit up in your bed and see that doll walking by itself into your room. No siree. It is kinda cute but scary.

Adrianne Elmore says:

Does anybody know what size clothes she wears???

Dreaming Lindsay says:

Ashton drake Is cheap that doll is soo scary

prettygirl gang12 says:

Can she sit down

RebornMummyLove says:

I think she has a really pretty face.

Nicole Greer says:

i got her for Christmas 2015, i hated her she was already unsewn on her neck and arms and her hair was not like the picture

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