Is That Blood In My Newborns Urine? | Pediatric Advice

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In this video I discuss the issue of what can appear to be blood in the diaper of newborn babies.

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MacKenzie Brandvold says:

If you dont already have one, you should do a video about potty training!

Jessica Marcusen says:

You are so helpful! My newborn has the hardest time breathing because of stuffy nose, sneezes a lot, hiccups a lot, has that gooy eye thing you talked about. I was hoping you might consider doing a video on newborn congestion how to cope and work with it so baby breathes better in the winter dry months. I have a humidifier, nose drops like saltwater drops we use but  could use some tips on how to use them properly, and the nose sucker thingy but she still sounds so congested which concerns me since I found out babies under 4 months cant breathe through their mouths :(

paulthomasmd says:

No, this is not new, but doesn't happen to all.  I probably see this in 5 – 10% of babies, just in the first week of life. 

LotusDream8 says:

My children never had this. Is this a new phenomenon? My kids were born between 1986 & 1996. 

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