Inside Pregnancy: Weeks 15 – 20 | BabyCenter Video

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Alisha Bryant says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Celice peña says:

15 weeks today =)

Judy Campbell says:

Due Dec 6. I really wanna know what I’m having. Is there anything out there
to help me on this??

Keyanna Sutton says:

18wks Today. This is my first baby and I absolutely love these videos and
all the information they contain.

Mary Vreman says:

Hey I am 5 month pregnant. But I am still having my period is that bad or
good,sometimes it’s only last for 3 days ???,yes I am pregnant I feel him
move somtime

Kate Kills says:

7/23/14 lol looks like the people on this post and i are populating the
next generation lol

Janessa Atkinson says:

so by 15 weeks you know if its a boy or girl?

Silvester Weber says:

Geez I thought after my first one we don’t have to watch these videos . My
wife is due June 14 and I wish she would not spent so much time on YouTube

Moina Palmer says:

Moina Palmer
06/ 6/ 14

Maria Nestor says:

Inside Pregnancy: Weeks 15 – 20 | BabyCenter Video

Anissa Rodriguez says:

June 25 2014

Clyressia Diane says:

I’m due June 4th with a baby boy by the name of Christian…… Standing
Strong at 21weeks and 4 days

Ayres Aldae says:


Sequoia Murphy says:

June 12th

Maria Garcia says:

Sorry the post was suppose to say I am also due may 19,2014 but I still do
not know what it is yet .

mina alissa says:

My due date is may 19 2014 I’m 18 weeks and three days and I’m having a boy

Monalisa muhammad ali says:

Im 20 weeks today..yeayy.!good luck mommies..

Tiffany Reyes says:

I’m 17 weeks 5days :)

Amy Gros says:

27 weeks tomorrow

Maria Garcia says:

Aww I’m also due may 19, 2014 but still don’t know what it is.

Corina Marinescu says:

Inside Pregnancy: Weeks 15-20

Amy Gros says:

I’m 27 weeks

Brenda Perez says:

At how many weeks do you know the bbys sex

Amy Gros says:

I’m 27 weeks

Νικος ΔΟΞΑΡΑ says:
mulaudzi maipfi says:
Leo Cohen says:

Inside Pregnancy: Weeks 15-20

zaida ruiz says:

Inside Pregnancy: Weeks 15-20

Rachel Leimkuhl says:
Ali Jahanshahi says:

Inside Pregnancy: Weeks 15-20

Aleksandra Carter says:

I’m 15 weeks and i felt movement of my baby today, it felt exactly like it
kicked my belly hehe! So amazing, only mothers know how beautiful this is !

Paloma Claudio says:

23 weeks

Charlette Hernandez says:

15 weeks :)

Thanh Ha Nguyen says:

magical happening

Dale Robinson says:

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Bentley Hale says:

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