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In early pregnancy your baby grows dramatically, from a tiny dot to the size of a grape.

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Kannan N.Kannan says:

Iui confrom avlo days la tharium pls

zartasha khan says:

Anyone can help me? My 3rd month is going ..But sometimes I feel nausea but now no any abdominal pain nd no nausea feeling …is everything ok?

Kochumol Biju says:

for more information about the health

Muslim Umarov says:

„And certainly We created man of an extract of clay, then We made him a small seed in a firm resting-place, Then We made the seed a clot, then We made the clot a lump of flesh, then We made (in) the lump of flesh bones, then We clothed the bones with flesh, then We caused it to grow into another creation, so blessed be Allah, the best of the creators.“
The Noble Quran 23:12-14

RA A says:

Amazing I'm 4 weeks pregnant so happy. We been trying for 5 years

Alma Wigner says:

Been watching these videos. Trying to form a connection to this thing in me that makes me sick and depressed. I don't know why I'm trying to talk myself out of abortion, already got a kid I can't afford. Hope I feel better when it's out of me.

Liam Jameson says:

i better remember to ask my girl if her fallopian tubes r up to scratch!!
Gets divorced

Andrew Wian says:

It's not hard to believe. Its because God designed it that way..

HD Teysera says:

A mas de 1000 personas que nacieron de un tronco viejo no les gustaron este video.

Jenniferiaiaia Went says:

wow God is great x

Reema Rasotra says:

I love you all world moms

lalu chavda says:

Waht a great CREATOR(ALLAH)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lazarus Nolbas says:

Praise the Lord my wife get pregnant after 8 years and 6 months…. Tnx God… God is great

Basel Altaif says:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ..يا أيها الإنسان ما غرك بربك الكريم الذي خلقك فسواك فعدلك () في اي صورة ما شاء ركبك صدق الله العظيم سبحان الله الخالق الكريم


9weeks in Tamil

Jaedie Smith says:

Awww, this means clearly I am early stages in my pregnancy…
Praise be to God Hallelujah,I've been waiting for over 9 years and 5 months Going now in June, (2009-2018), praise God, finally I've conceive, and now I will wait for my baby, it's ok either boy or girl, I will do that ultrasound in 3 months,…

But now I am Soo excited, please everyone else who's reading this, please be happy with me and for me and my baby,

I had problem will slightly diabetis and infection, but it's all ok.. now I am ok

Vaeh Milton says:

How you just became go out months

Hansraj Nayak says:

collmegirls 9680556779

wojtecha says:

Tato zrobilam mój pierwszy test ciążowy cyfrowy i wyszedl pregnant ja jestem w ciąży to dziecko jest Radka magda

The life of my Chickens says:

Well uhm we all looked like an monster

pappu raj says:


Jordz. xx says:

Wow I never no that stuff

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