Incredibly detailed scan of baby moving in the womb

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Shevell Scott says:

kinda creepy how much that baby is doing in there. but nice to see


That baby looks like they’re ready to come out.


It's really amazing!!!

jessah armita says:

My baby is SOOOO active! I feel her kicking and punching all the time! I don’t even care though because I love her so much even when she wakes me up at 4am

Iyatunde Langley says:

All I can say is poor mom.

SaltySiiren says:

Well now I know what I’ve been feeling lol makes much more sense

Teila Brown says:

kinda scared to have kids now

Aishwarya wali says:

Oh my God he/she is already a dancer…… But I feel sorry for the mother…. Well it's just two far I'll face these all

Elizabeth Keith says:

I've been on edge lately my little girl hasn't been moving as much as I thought they do but she is still only a pound

amudha senthil says:

Now I'm feeling this kind of action in my pregnancy.9 months

The Fakey Cake Maker says:

See? When I was telling people that I was sure my son was stretching in there and they're laughing.

Anti Aliasing says:

suck on that abortion loving idiots.

swan 786 says:


sticknstonesbrkbones says:

This makes a one room apartment look like there is plenty of room for activities.

Kimberly Nicholls says:

The baby Fr doin the thriller

Kimberly Nicholls says:

Nah that baby jus vibing

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