Incredible! Baby kicking in belly, trying to get out.

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Rosilee Lace says:

Aww, so sweet. I remember my 1st daughter doing that but it was 13 yrs ago
& video got damaged during hurricane Rita. I wish I still had it but
watching yours is the next best thing. I found this while I was trying to
explain to my daughter what my belly looked like when I was pregnant with
her & how it looked like she was trying to get out, lol. Thanks for

Julia Arsenault says:

That’s really amazing. I’m not really ready for children (writing career
you know), but it is nice to think about what is like to be pregnant and
seeing that movement

Naitsirch Elfman says:

“get me out of here before they try to abort me

LizzySkellington says:

… it kind of reminds me of those creepy alien movies… you know the ones
where the alien bursts out of the human? wellllllllllllllll anywhoozle.

blackerstein says:


youthlust says:


Caitlin Rivera says:

Aww Your baby came out fighting didnt it 😉


Crazy But Cool

thc024 says:

near 3:50 lol

Sandra Reiman says:

My mom always eats ice cream now so my little brother in her belly will eat
it :) Can’t wait for my little brother to move like that :) I’m so happy
that i’m gonna get a little brother and i’m happy for you too congrats for
having the baby !!!! Good luck <3 Sandra .

BearsLikeWaffles says:

Back on the wierd part of youtube…

LonniBabi says:

They kicked and poke when they’re inside like they want to get out. Yet
once out, they scream and

Ronnie Radke says:

wat does that feel like?????

Karen Greene says:

doesn’t that hurt?

Shawn Mosher says:

looks painful

Billstar070 says:

What’s the best way to describe how it feels.

Lovegainers5 says:

Awesome belly!

supasxcangelbaby says:

with my pregnancy it felt great! imagine if you had something wriggling
around in your mouth. but its in your tummy. best way i can describe it.

Lacey Langton says:

@natalika4200 That’s normal…you get used to it. My husband’s a physician
and when I was pregnant, he was always poking my belly going ‘there’s her
arm’ and ‘there’s her butt’ and stuff like that. He got a real kick out of
her moving all around in there. I remember my belly was ‘jerking’ and I
thought something was wrong and he just laughed and said ‘No-she’s just
hicupping!’ I didn’t know babies hicupped in there but then I realized he
was right. They do all sorts of stuff in there…

Destinee Ross says:

I feel like I’m the only one who is slightly horrified by the movement….
I’m scared of getting pregnant now.

Jennifer Russell says:

this is awesome, thankyou soo much for sharing !!!!

Veronica Ortiz says:

Aww ^.^

Laquandra Alford says:

miss that feeling

Ronnie Radke says:

wow, thats crazy!

SkaySunIvy says:

That is so precious, really. I’m only 19 and I find this to be one of the
most peaceful videos I have seen on youtube in a long time.

airgunhunter1000 says:

He/She is practicing Karate Do Swallow some mini sweat pants and a mini
shirt so he/she feels better.

MetalDeniMulisha says:

Damn, & here I am complaining that my lil’ boy moves a lot… :X

sithious3 says:

Woah that cheeky baby really wants to get out early! Either that or you
swallowed a very big unhappy alien, hehe~

nonya bidnit says:

Thats scary. I dont think i could stay clam while the baby moving around
like that. lol

Jazzi Stu says:

Holy shit! Was that a face we saw at 4:24??? It looked like the baby was
pressing his face against her stomach lol How far along were you in this
video, and did you guys have twins?! (Looks like so much movement for one

even stevens says:

No, it doesn’t hurt. It can feel odd at times.

cintpooh says:

Love it❤ creation is beautiful

Laura Beth says:

fucking creepy i hate babies.

jaima king says:


jaroslaw1100 says:

@Laura Beth Then you hated yourself when you were a baby? (:

Kyarah Jenkins says:

DId Tht Hurt B/c Tht Little One Was Not Playinq.,*! He/She Was Screaminq

Johanna Gayle De Asis says:

does it hurts?? 😕

Astriana Rosario says:

Oh my goodness! (:

HeroicNerd says:

I used to be afraid of what it would be like to have a baby trying to kick
out of you. But after I had my daughter. I MISS IT!!!

Tasha Kyla Maria Seeney says:

thats what happened to me when i was pregnant

tanya hamilton says:

The beauty of life inside of you is indescribable… precious to
see….I love it….her nails are pretty too.

Black Reaper says:


iLovetaytayswift1 says:

0:53 omg

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